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I am SO SICK of the faggotry: The Nefertitty Interview


Rob of Redford
It's nice to know there is still sanity amongst the vaginal carrying race...nefertitty exempliefies class, hottness, and professional r-e-s-p-e-c-t modern wemmin folk. Please enjoy!

efbino: Fug I'm actually a bit nervous, i feel like a schoolgirl about to get tagged for the first time.
Elizabeth .: Haha, that makes me feel better. My palms are clammy, and when i left a few minutes ago, it was to get a drink.

efbino: So what are you tipping back this fine Sunday afternoon?
Elizabeth .: The rest of my bottle of chimay.

efbino: Poboy said i have a you think i have a bobble-head?
Elizabeth .: No, but you do remind me of someone...I can't think of who it is yet, though...Someone I know or knew
efbino: Someone you proly tagged huh?
Elizabeth .: LOL...maybe! I'd have to think about it for a while.

efbino: So how are you doing today? What did you do this weekend? You have a sexay first name, so many hott variables...Liz, Lizzy, Beth
Elizabeth .: I actually hate the nicknames...Lilly is the one most of my friends can get away with. I'm doing pretty well this weekend. I'm sore from yesterday, though. I played in a charity powder puff football game and got knocked around a little bit. The brunette team had some man beasts who didn't realize that it wasn't tackle football. I'm sure the guys found it entertaining though

efbino: Was there any accidental boob spillages or naughty hair pulling at the game? And what was the charity
Elizabeth .: Raising money for alzheimer's. This year we raised over $70,000. There was no boob spillage, but the brunette's QB got her pants ripped right at the ass, and there was plenty of hair pulling.

efbino: That sounds hott...So where do you live? How old are you? What is your profession?
Elizabeth .: I live just outside was Washington, DC, in Crystal City. I just turned 27 a week ago and am still in mourning that I am now officially in my "late twenties." I work for a large investment firm, mostly writing and negotiation contracts for mergers and acquisitions.

efbino: Did you grow up around the DC area? What college did you attend?
Elizabeth .: No, I just moved here three years ago. I've moved all over the place, but mostly I've lived around North Carolina, or New York. I went to UNC chapel hill - GO HEELS.

efbino: So do you have a heehaw accent? Do you consider yourself more southern country belle or more upscale city fashionista professional? And will the souf rise again? Yay or nay on floating the dixie flag
Elizabeth .: I have a mild southern accent. I can play both roles convincingly, but at heart I am and always will be more the southern belle. And the south - well as far as I'm concerned we never really fell. Nay on the dixie flag, but my boyfriend has a sticker of it on his truck that I tease him about (no racist).

efbino: So your BF is kinda heehaw, interesting...I kinda had you pegged as someone that would date a Mr. Big type of dude, someone in finance. 75th but with a bigger penile, so to speak.
Elizabeth .: Nahhh

efbino: So what is your BF like? Do you live with him? What does he do? Is he gonna slap a ring on your finger and would you oblige?
Elizabeth .: My boyfriend's very blue collar...I love that about him though. He can fix shit, build things, isn't afraid of getting a little dirty, and doesn't care about his nails.
Steve is a life of the party kind of guy. People are naturally drawn to him. He's goofy, funny, and someone forgot to tell him that he's not still 15. He's a total phone whore. Agravating at times lol. That said, he knows when to handle his business too. He has two little girls he loves more than anything and he has sole custody of them. He owns two businesses that are both doing well - one is the dive shop through which I met him, the other is a commercial building restoration company. But he's very unassuming, a little bit redneck, and has a sense of adventure that keeps both of us from getting two wrapped up in the daily stress of life. He's smart, and is always teaching me things - like sign language, and scuba related things. I could go on for ages. As for the ring - in a heartbeat. We've actually talked about it a lot, though usually only after the fifth drink.

efbino: Damn I think you've sucked up all the wind in your apt/condo...and btw I didn't read that, it pains me to think of my interviewees romantically involved with anyone other than myself.
Elizabeth .: Hahaha...I told you, long winded, I can do, especially if you get me going on the right topic.

efbino: So let's say you're single...and a mildly sexay bobbleheaded good fire fighting bro spits a touch of game your quick do you let him (me) hit it?
Elizabeth .: Depends on the chemistry...Honestly, I've never had any strict rules there.

efbino: So by no strict rules you mean loose morality? Interesting, that is something I look for in a relationship.
Elizabeth .: Hahaha...well we'll say I don't think morality and sexuality have much relevance (relevance to each other)when between consenting adults.

efbino: Have you ever had a one night stand before?
Elizabeth .: Yes
efbino: Something naughty erotic about sex with a stranger, agree? Have any walk of shame stories to share?
Elizabeth .: Sometimes you just click with someone on a purely physical level. I won't say I've indulged many times...but a couple. And I don't regret either - I'm actually still friends with one of them. I actually don't have any real walk of shame stories, other than the one I shared in a thread a month or so ago (which wasn't really a walk of shame because I was coming from a boyfriend's house.)

efbino: Who do you imagine has a better unit, nimbus or myself?
Elizabeth .: I imagine you to have the better unit, nimbus to have the better skillz...guys who talk about the size of their dick usually suck at sex lol.
efbino: So obviously Lestat falls under this category. Proly a two pump chump agree?
Elizabeth .: Agree.

efbino: So one thing I've noticed and like about you is that you claim to be a republican. In this day and age of frenzied liberal masturbatory sessions, I think that is admirable. But you appear to be disenchanted with the party...what lead you away from the superior party? What will it take to win you back?

Elizabeth .: hmmm, I am very disenchanted with the party right now. My views, which still lean conservative, have not changed....but I can't join in on the partisan crap that I hear. It's like everyone listens to the same talk radio station and spouts the same idiotic bullshit. Research and form your own opinion, for gods sake. And when it stops being about the issues, and starts being about things that are stated with the intent to make people react out of fear, it insults my intelligence. What will it take to win me back over? Someone who gets people encouraging us to root for the home team instead of booing the opponent. McCain tried, but failed because he was uninspiring.

efbino: So who would you like to see the reps put up for 2012? I know it's a ways off, but the party needs to plan ahead...So are you pretty excited about Obama? What would you like to see him do, generally speaking.

Elizabeth .: Right now i'd like the party to just lay low for a little while and play nice. A lot of repair work has to be done as far as public image. In 2012 our best bet is finding someone young, with a lot of spark. A new face, like John Thune. I can't say I'm excited about the most liberal senator being my president, but I don't think he'll totally wreck the country either. He can repair a few things as far as our international image. I can already tell from my coworkers and friends abroad that people overseas are as charmed by his pretty prose as many here were. I think he will give a temporary boost in consumer confidence to those who think he will repair the economy, thus having the effect of actually helping the economy a little bit. I'm not looking forward to giving up nearly half my paycheck to uncle sam, but at this point it seems inevitable.

efbino: Is your BF a jooser? Are you into muscly bros, is that something you require?
Elizabeth .: No. he's in the kind of good shape one gets into from lifting heavy things and working with your hands a lot, but he's not in the gym half as much as I am. He has a good body, but some here would think he was a little on the small side. I'm honestly more of a "face" kind of person. If the face attracts me, I don't much care about below the neck.

efbino: What are your fitness goals? What does your routine look like? You've mentioned in the past that you've had a eating that pretty much under control? What steps have you taken to prevent a relapse?

Elizabeth .: My fitness goals are simply to stay healthy and happy with my body. Simplistic, but harder to do than one might think, given the history you just mentioned. It is pretty much under control, but I have little lapses here and there. The steps I take to prevent it are to be as open about how I'm doing as possible. When things aren't so great, I tell people. As soon as it's no longer a secret and I have people watching my every move and motivating me to go to a support group, or talk or whatever, I can correct the path again pretty quickly

efbino: What is your ideal penile size? Is that something that matters to you? I try to date girls with small hands, is that a good strategy?
Elizabeth .: Lol...I have small hands! Ummm...5.5 to 6.5 is perfect for me. Anything more hurts - and not in a good way.

efbino: It's obvious that we are meant for each other..the small hands, the low ball penile reqs, the passion for unbridled nekkid ever watch the office? Steve-Roy, myself-Jim, you-Pam...only a matter of time

Elizabeth .: Haha, actually, I don't. I watch only a couple of shows...otherwise it's sports, or movies

efbino: So you like the jets...where/are you a jersey chaser? Or do you appreciate the actual game? Any cool high school football team bus gang bang stories to share?

Elizabeth .: Hahaha...well I actually love the game. When I got hurt and couldn't;t dance anymore, I needed somewhere to redirect that, college basketball, and baseball got the brunt of it. That doesn't mean I wasn't a little starry eyed when the captain of the football team asked em out my freshman year of college, but i quickly learned what a clusterfuck it was to date someone who was aiming for a pro career in sports.

efbino: What initially drew you to EF, specifically chat? Do you see yourself sticking around, or will you fade away like other alter-hotties? Where do you see the site in the near future? What would you like to see run differently?

Elizabeth .: Well, I posted my first post here ever from almost a couple of years ago...I think I had done a google search on squats. I was a member for a few weeks before I started posting in of my earliest memories is heatherrae getting bombed by killahbee lol. I think I'll stick around - it gives me some sanity to have a distraction during the day when I'm working. I'd like to see things be a little more like they were when i first joined. A lot of self moderation. Thick skin required.

efbino: RIP Killahbea, I hope he is still around in alter forum...Who is your EF clique, and how do I get on the pic mailing list

Elizabeth .: I don't think I have a clique lol....there are a few people I pay more attention to than others, but for the most part it's a free for all. What I want to know is why I'm not on the PM circuit yet lol.

efbino: Okay, I got a gun to Steve's head...gonna end his life unless you munch either Stilleto's, Smurfy's or Snacky-cakes box...who do you pick and why

Elizabeth .: Oh jeez...gotta go with smurfy - I'm a pleaser in the bedroom and I bet she'd have no problem letting me know exactly what she wanted.

efbino: If you were single, what EF bro would you like to holla at? Please don't say nimbus.
Elizabeth .: LOL...that's difficult. Based purely on the fact that he's ridiculously hot, Mr. Black. But honestly my fav person right now is Jnev, and the ability to make me laugh goes farther than anything else.

efbino: How do you feel about anal love making...
Elizabeth .: It's something i'll do if I love the person...and it's even a huge turn on if I know it's something that's really turning HIM on.

efbino: LOL you've been a awesome sport, didn't hold back props...Anything you'd like to add?
Elizabeth .: It wouldn;t have been any fun f I didn't play along. I can't think of any better way to end to conversation than anal sex, so let's just leave it at that.

efbino: Much better than poboy, i thought he was gonna reach thru the screen and smack the yankee str8ness outta me...and it's been tradition for my interviewees to send me nekkied Steve-less pics, hit me at [email protected], thanks
Elizabeth .: LOL
Elizabeth .: [sarah]you betcha![/palin]
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bino comes across as a sex starved, 17 year old fraternity geek.
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Dude what a solid fucking interview. That is some shit I could definitely not done with the juxtaposition of lightness and good solid questions that Bino hoisted up.
Yeah Nef does rock, but I didn't need the specifics for that.
Excellent stuff.
I just love how you describe steve, the chemistry makes sense.
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