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  • Nice bro, yea Im just at work right now jus bored as fuck. Workin 60 hrs/wekk, dont have time to party at all. Dont have many friends either though hahaha. But I love being a father and jus working to pay bills and set up his future. And all that bullsht about me not having time to do anything I want anymore is pure bullshit lmao. Im still wanting to do a bunch of shit like flip cars, invest, etc.

    SF must be fun broly
    I haven't been avoiding one is ever in there when I pop in, whens the regularly scheduled meeting times these days?
    We will just have to agree to disagree....I saw him hand out a lot more than he got back, and in that thread I didn't see anything all that bad. He refused to go channels that would have fixed the issue easily and then got upset when people who could not fix it made jokes. None of the mods can fix the issues he had, only an admin can, and he didn't contact an admin in spite of having contact info (a phone number even).
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