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in my 50’s sarms stack

i'm not a fan of s23, too much issues. ostarine is smarter
what do you think about using sarms for someone in their 50’s?
I’m currently 5’10’’ and 280 pounds. I’m a big guy and I’m overweight but I do train four or five times a week but I focus more on powerlifting.
Do you think sarms would even be worth it for someone like me who is more worried about strength?
Or should I just use steroids instead?
I'd use test
you have ZERO business using steroids in your condition and there is no point at your age either... you need to focus on your diet, which is CLEARLY lacking as well as your training.. you need to post your diet and training so we can help you with the actual areas you need help with...

a sarms cutting stack will help but not if these are in order first
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