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when to add compound vs. iso lifts?

I would do most of your workouts with compound lifts especially if you're going for strength
I like the Hammer Strength it works really well
So the cliché that my personal trainer told me was that you should start your workouts out with compound lifts and then you should finish your workouts with isolation lifts
I’ve been trying this strategy for the past six months and don’t feel like I’m getting any progress. He keeps telling me to don’t worry and keep doing it but I’m paying this guy fifty five dollars for every session and I’m not getting any type of investment out of it
do you think I should fire this guy and try something else or do you think I should just give it more time?
Use both
Compound lifts are definitely the key. I always do them first because they are heavy and taxing. Are you pushing hard and increasing weight?
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