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First Time Could Use Advice and Knowlege

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AZ Boy

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Hello Ill get right to it. I am 19 yrs old, 6'1" about 165, I was around 185 (mostly in my legs)once but then I went to college and stopped working out as much lol. The summer is almost here and one of my friends is going to try a cycle of Winstrol for a month starting in June. I think that I am going to do it with him. We are taking pills, not injecting, but I don't know how much mg the pills are but I am pretty sure you take them every day. I REALLY want to get CUT and pretty much just big and ripped but I really dont want to become bulky if you know what i mean. All help is welcome along with expected sideaffects and possible workout routines. Anything really just post away.

Oh and also i dunno if this will change anything but i will be taking liver protectors as well and im pretty skinny already and prob around 12-15% bofy fat. Also I wanna get as ripped as hell 6pack too so ab work is welcome lol. And I know i dont know much about this stuff so please dont post something like You obviously dont know anything about what your doing because I already know that. Thanx for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steroids are not, and should not, be treated like recreational drugs. If you want to put on serious, lasting muscle, there are plenty of things you can do first. Learn more training techniques. Try some supplements that are mentioned on this board. Then...educate yourself about steroids. Find out what they do. Learn the dosing. Don't just ask "how much" and pop a few pills. Bad move.
I wholeheartinly agree!

Becides diet plays a major role in this, if it's not spot on expect to loose everything,so starting over outweighs everything you are trying to do.

At 19 you are far from ready for steroids. Forget it young buck. You got way to much natural test and you do not need them.

Learn how to train and eat right bro. For your own good.
YEP! Your natty Test levels are at their peak, you get that diet dialed in, get one gram of protein for every pound of body weight,train like a madman and i will bet you will looks better than your buddies running a half ass cycle, besides you will keep your gains!

Arite well i appreciate all of your responses but i think i am still going to do it and i do not think i will loose it all because i DO work out and run EVERYDAY and have a very healthy diet. I have not had any liquid other than water and a protein shake or pre wrkout drink in like 6 months. Im one of those lucky people who actually enjoys a glass of water more than a cup of soda or fruit juice. I just have trouble putting on muscle maybe kuz of how long and lankey i am but it really is just very hard for me to get much improvement anywhere but my legs and my upper back a little. I wrk out pretty hard and my bench has only gone up about 15 lbs in what seems forever i just want to see results fast. And what is HCG??? Also i am only doing this one cycle and thats it anyways because i do care about my health and i do live pretty healthy i just wanna get some fn muscle gain already!!!!
It never gets old
Ya i am gog to run up until my cycle so that i can get down to as little body fat as i can so that i dont get to bulky n get more cut n ripped
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