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  1. B

    my blood pressure is out of control

    I’m coming off a cycle where I used test and tren. My blood pressure is really out of control and I’ve tried everything including giving blood and even went and did some meditation. Please give me a supplement that I can try that will be of a better benefit for me I unfortunately did not run...
  2. R

    n2guard works for pumps on cycle?

    What would you say would be the best option for using n2guard on cycle? I’m looking to help with pumps because they’re getting crippling they’re affecting my cardio I can’t even do a jog for a mile without getting lower back pumps and also problems in my legs with pumps and cramping. Now I know...
  3. V

    using oral only as a female

    I’m looking to do an oral only cycle as a female. I’m 5’5’’ 130 pounds big fan of weight training, I’ve been doing it for two years and I fell in love with it when an ex-boyfriend introduced me to it I’m 25 years old and looking to use the best oral that’s out there to get stronger and build...
  4. A

    on cycle test booster

    I’m looking to take something on cycle to further boost my testosterone and make my steroids work even better what are the best options that I can try and which testosterone booster also can help with other things like cholesterol and organ health I’m looking for something that’s solid before I...
  5. A

    using lots of GW, 100mgs a day

    read a few guys from enhanced who were doing 100mgs a day gw501516 and getting some ridiculous cutting effects. I saw that tony huge said he lost like 5% body fat in 1 month doing it that way. What would be the side effects of doing something like this is it true if you run too much of it that...
  6. Z

    CJC-1295 DAC dosing plan

    Looking to take advantage of CJC-1295 wDAC and run the correct dosage. My plan is a 8 week cycle but I might push it to 12 weeks if things go good and I feel like pushing it more. The dose I was looking at was 1500mcg 2x per week. Do you think that is sufficient for a guy my size who’s 240...
  7. J

    happy with past cycle, but want more this time

    last cycle I did test 400mgs a week for 10 weeks gained around 7 or 8 pounds. My personal trainer begged me to do more steroids and said that the pros were doing many grams of steroids a week. Can you give me some advice on what I can try next go around to get more gains. I’m currently up to 170...
  8. M

    how to buy the strongest on cycle supplements

    I’m looking to get five or ten of the best on cycle supplements that are available I got a coupon at a new supplement shop that just opened down the street for me and I’m gonna head down there after you guys respond to me and get what I need. I’m gonna be using about two grams of gear and I...
  9. B

    I don’t respect primobolan at all

    I’ve been using Primo for the past 10 weeks I don’t see much changes at all I put on about five or six pounds. I’m doing 500 milligrams a week along with 200 milligrams of testosterone for the money I spent on this cycle I should be getting more gains than this any advice on what I should do on...
  10. N

    best cycle for 45 year old

    I’m 45 years old and I haven’t used steroids and about eight years in my early 30s I started using them and I was abusing them quite heavily. I used up to three grams per week and then I had some issues come up and life and I had to stop using them for a few years. Anyway long story short I...
  11. V

    what do you recommend I use with oral steroids?

    I’m gonna be running some oral steroids coming up I haven’t decided which steroids I will stack but it will likely be two of them. Would love to use a supplement that will enhance the cycle and make it better and all so help with my liver, kidneys, and heart health. Any recommendations that you use?
  12. F

    mitigating or offsetting s4 and s23 side effects

    decided to use s4 and s23 together. Not at all happy with the side effects, although the results I’m getting are very impressive and almost our comparable to using oral steroids. The 2 side effects that are pissing me off are: 1. I feel shutdown hard on this. Nobody warned me this could happen...
  13. K

    anavar 50mgs a day works good with eq?

    I’m currently doing equipoise 500mgs a week with some anavar… my var dose was 40mgs a day on my last cycle. Now I want to increase to 50mgs. Stats are pretty modest I’m five foot 6 188 pounds and I’m 34 years old hopefully I can gain a little size without putting on body fat as my body fat is...
  14. R

    Is 250mg Sus + 100mg Test Cypionate + 300mg NPP+Deca per week for 10 weeks a good 1st Cycle? If so any advice on PCT and when to start and duration?

    Hey Guys N Gals, Is 250mg Sustanon + 100mg Test Cypionate + 300mg NPP+Deca per week for 10 weeks a good 1st Cycle? My plan is to pin 2x per week but my weekly totals would be 350mg test (5 different esters with sus and Cypionate) & then 300mg NPP+Deca (which from my understanding is a short...
  15. C

    how to limit sides on steroids

    I’m looking to do a 20 week cycle and then do a post cycle afterwards and I’m looking to limit the amount of side effects I get both on cycle and when I came off very last time I ran steroids when I came off I crashed pretty hard. Any advice as to what you would recommend?
  16. S

    shutdown bigtime on sarms

    using lgd, yk11 and s23. I’m on 10mgs of each and its been 4 weeks on them. My libido has crashed hard on this cycle and I’m only 22 years old so I’m really worried that something could be permanently damaged. Wish you guys would have warned me about the dangers of sarms BEFORE I decided to go...
  17. B

    what do you need with n2guard ?

    Had a question about n2guard I know this stuff is amazing I have tried it before without using steroids with it and I know that it definitely helps. But my question is if I was to run a big cycle does n2guard have what it takes to cover me from a to z? For example does it have enough taurine to...
  18. R

    which supplement daily you use on cycle?

    What is your opinion on the best supplements to take while on cycle I’m looking for the best supplement to take on cycle on a daily basis one of the things I’m looking for is something to help with my steroid cycle something that has some vitamins and minerals that help me
  19. JimAbs43

    Podcast 582 - How to run a 'value cycle' within budget? 582 - How to run a 'value cycle' within budget?
  20. J

    headaches on cycle normal ?

    I’m getting some headaches on my steroid cycle and I’m wondering if that is normal or not been sweating a lot And perhaps not getting enough water but still the headaches are out of control is there a supplement that you would recommend to help with the headaches or is this something that you...
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