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  1. R

    nutrobal cycle and thoughts

    so I am three weeks into my current nutrobal mk677 cycle so far noticed a definite improvement with my sleep and also with my appetite I’m super hungry all the time and it feels like I’m starving LOL I put on about four pounds and it seems to be weird because it doesn’t look like that I’ve...
  2. V

    cycle for best mirror results

    not concerned with strength not concerned with libido not concerned necessarily with side effects I just want the straight up best cycle for looking good in the mirror I’m currently 35 years old and I feel like I’m at the prime of my athletic life 10% body fat 212 pounds and 6’4’’ I’m hoping...
  3. D

    first cycle without testosterone

    I’ve done two steroid cycles with testosterone and ended up getting some estrogen problems now I want to run one without testosterone to see how I do I’m going to be doing either equipoise or primo since both are estrogen safe I’m 28 years old and I am 217 pounds with 17 percent body fat what...
  4. Z

    how to get bloodwork on this cycle?

    I’m curious what is the best way to get blood work done on the cycle that I’m on deca, testosterone and trenbolone I’m four weeks into it and I’m getting some really weird side effects. Having trouble sleeping and dealing with a lot of issues with my heart rate going up which bloods should I...
  5. J

    everything going wrong on my cycle

    I guess I just need some help to get my cycle going in the right direction. I’m five weeks into cycle and I’m doing testosterone 500 mg a week and I’m using aromasin 2x per week 10mgs I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m getting crazy itchy nipples and my acne is out of control especially on my...
  6. U

    Tren/Libido/PCT/TRT ADVICE???

    Ok gents. First post. Could use some insight from anyone more knowledgeable than me, which is probably many of you! I am 43 and have been on legit TRT since 37. I did Tren E for several cycles back to back with a month or so off in between for about two years, most recently ending in January...
  7. N

    Best on cycle support for older guy

    I am an older guy and is late 50s and I am looking to use steroids my Next stack is going to be testosterone 500 mg a week and also I'm going to add equpoise with it what is a support supplement that you would recommend that would go good with this? looking to mitigate side effects as much as...
  8. C

    Change in libido after cycle

    On cycle my libido is terrific Off cycle it tends to drop I've done four different steroid cycles using all kinds of different ones and it's always the same and result and experience for me. rather than just stay on all the time I need to be able to come off right? so what supplements will help...
  9. K

    Losing body fat post cycle?

    36 5’9’’ 180 pounds 15% body fat I just did a cycle where I was doing trenbolone 400mgs a week (had to reduce the dose to 250mgs due to the sides). I also ran 250mgs of testosterone was on it for about 10 weeks and then came off and now I'm in PCT for the past 2 weeks So a weird thing is...
  10. Z

    Wetting the bed on steroids and pot

    I’m in my late 30’s This is the 2nd time i have used steroids in my life. I am noticing on this cycle that i am wetting the bed a lot My wife has been complaining about it and is forcing me to sleep on the couch She doesn’t like that i smoke pot and do steroids but accepts it cause she isn’t...
  11. H

    Is this all normal on cycle?

    Let me tell you what I am using: NPP 300mgs Test 400mgs EQ 750mgs I went and got bloodwork done an several things were off. BUN Creatinine AST ALT All super high LH and FSH low I'm a big concern that something might be off with the gear? I’m 46 years old 5 ft 11 in and 217 lb and this is my...
  12. V

    Gassed out on steroid cycle

    So I like to do a lot of running and today I did a 2 mi windsprint and it was awful. after the half mile Mark I have to stop because I was wheezing too much and couldn't breathe. I finished it and it took me twice as long as it normally would I’m using testosterone 500mgs a week, turinabol 20mgs...
  13. M

    Female Ostarine & Clen stack

    5’5” 170 lbs 31yo female. Been lifting heavy for about 3 years now and I really wanna cut since I’ve never seriously done one. I did a 6 week cycle of what I thought was var. around 10mgs a day. Honestly my diet was shit and I really only lifted weights- no cardio. Gained 10lbs def gained some...
  14. J

    Cycle length requirements for primobolan

    Never used primo before, but always been curious to try it It isn’t cheap, but i have some money saved up What is your Opinion of using primobolan when it comes to length of cycle I've heard anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 weeks. and I've heard some people say you have to run it at least 14 weeks...
  15. F

    N2guard back in stock?

    hey I was wondering if n2guard was back in stock and where can i buy it? I'm looking to start up my next steroid cycle and I really need something to use to get some good results on my frame and that will help me with support on cycle and then when i come off my blood pressure is currently...
  16. Y

    Equipoise cycle run

    Okay so i ran a test only cycle for my first time Gained like 15 pounds, kept like 8 or 9 out of that. I’m now 174 pounds and 5’6’’ with 9-11% body fat Now it is time for some EQ baby How much equipoise would work best for me? My goals are more lean muscle mass. I don’t want to bloat up again...
  17. T

    Cycle Review - Its been a while...

    37 yrs old, 100kg, approx 12% BF Cycled many times before but nothing but TRT (250mg) for the last 18+ months As we mature we learn we dont need high doses of gear or gear that has harsh side affects. I want to improve all aspects of life and health, not sacrifice health for temporary gains...
  18. I

    Cheap sarms cycle

    I'm looking to do a cheaper sarm cycle than the ones that are recommended on here so please don't suggest anything that will cost me more than $250 My goals are simple I want lean muscle mass if that takes using once or more to that is fine I'm 6ft 3in and 275 lb my body fat I don't know but...
  19. Q

    Blast and cruise for a year?

    28 years old 5’10’’ 184 pounds Tired of the roller coaster of cycling, just want to do the B&C for a year My plan was 1.5g of gear for a cycle Then cruising for 12 weeks , then back on for 15 weeks and so on What is a good cruising dosage of testosterone
  20. B

    Stacking tren with winstrol

    I’ve been on trenbolone and winstrol for 4 weeks I started out with 300mgs a week of the tren and added the winstrol 50mgs a day after week 2 I’m experiencing a lot of head hair. My question is will the issue solve itself or should i stop the cycle? I don’t want to lose anymore hair
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