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  1. C

    Vacation for summer hints and ideas

    I'm trying to see what kind of cycle that you all recommend that I do I have my sights set on cutting for the summer so i would appreciate some feedback The steroids i have my eye on are testosterone, trenbolone and maybe winstrol if I were to do 200 mg of the injectables each per week and then...
  2. O

    Getting in best shape of my life

    I think this is probably the best time to get in shape right now with everything coming back I wanna be in the best shape of my life coming up for the summer . I am open to all suggestions from you on how to get the most efficient workouts whether it be weight training cardio whatever . I wanna...
  3. N

    Quality muscle/ hardness

    Hi Guys, I am an endo-meso body type - I weigh around 205lbs/93kg , tall 5ft 10 and have 12-13% bodyfat. I do not hold too much bodyfat however I lack muscle roundness and vascularity . My diet consists of the classic bodybuilding "clean food". Have any of you guys tried masteron/winstrol...
  4. Z


    I am 6'3 tall and lean 163LBs looking to get to 180-185 . I can dunk and have seen growth in my atheltic abilities. Just wanted to know what steriod I could take to help me reach my goal. I will also be combining it with a nutrition plan & supplements.
  5. M

    Summer Workout for Athletes[VIDEO]

  6. N

    Lean Bulk Cycle

    Hi Guys , I am going to start a lean bulk -cycle followed by a cutting one. The cycle will be as follows: week1-week12 sustanon 250mg a week (Mon and Thur) week1-week10 tren e 400mg a week (Mon and Thur) week10-week 16 primobolan 600mg a week (EOD) week 10-week16 winstrol tablets 50mg ed...
  7. Evillemon

    Planning my 2nd cycle.. building up fand getting cut for the summer?

    Planning my 2nd cycle.. Advice please! Alright Everyone! I did my first cycle this year of Test and Winni finsihed last month and was really happy with the results. Am hoping to do a 2nd cycle next year starting in March.. the idea is to be looking good by the time summer gets here.. Have...
  8. A

    order in summer?

    Anyone ever order from another country in the summer? I'm afraid that the temp won't be controlled in transport and the substances might get too hot. Anyone know anything about this? Is the temp controlled or can the substances survive high temps without damage? In the past, i ordered in the...
  9. A

    First Time Could Use Advice and Knowlege

    Hello Ill get right to it. I am 19 yrs old, 6'1" about 165, I was around 185 (mostly in my legs)once but then I went to college and stopped working out as much lol. The summer is almost here and one of my friends is going to try a cycle of Winstrol for a month starting in June. I think that I am...
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