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Nelson Montana
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  • Hi. Nelson. Years ago i wrote ur article poor man s vigra. But i cant find it now anywher. Can u plz send it. Thanx
    Hi, I'm sure you get a lot of questions about short cycles, but I could really used your help ASAP.

    So I just started my first Test E cycle 13 days ago. I have a pinned a total of 4 times, 350MG a week. (was working up to 500mg/week)
    I haven't taken anything else, no HCG, arimidex, clomid).

    ***I just got called in for a Hip Arthroscopic surgery, which will happen in 2 weeks***

    So I am going off cycle right now.

    Do I need to take anything, should I follow the PCT? Do you have any recommendations?

    I would really appreciate any input that you have!
    how to prevent ACNE on blast (long cycle).

    I always had acne after cycle (on pct)

    Already talked to dozens of bodybuilders and nobody knows what really causes Acne. And how to prevent them.

    Some say to take AI (aromasin, arimidex). Others say to take anti-DHT (Dutasteride).

    In the last cycle I had dozens of acne scars and spent a fortune on laser to improve.

    Normally when I finish my cycles and start PCT acnes breakout

    what to do? Lots of AI e Duta? Not do PCT, stay on forever?

    Please I need the truth.

    Thank you!
    Hey Nelson - in a recent post on EF you said it would be ok to take 400mg of Primoboln with Test - yet why do people keep telling me it needs to be 600 or 800mg? (I'm taking it with Test Prop)
    Hey nelson sence u have experience with both what do u recommend honestly as a better bridge after a beastdrol cycle, test stack 17 or phytoserms?
    Cant find any pist cycle, so please im in serious need can u tell me a t booster product I can stay on while coming off my test e cycle. I have arimidec and hcg just need to know your recommendations for what else to take
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