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  1. W

    Female steroids post pregnancy

    I recently had a failed pregnancy and had to abort the baby it has been 3 months and I still have an excessive amount of body fat and water weight that i am holding a friend of mine suggested I get on some anabolic steroids to help me shed this weight. she suggested using Winstrol because that's...
  2. S

    winstrol and masteron with my physique?

    I'm currently around 15% body fat and I've worked really hard to cut down. 2 years ago believe it or not I was closer to 30% body fat and really obese I really want to get even leaner and maybe even get under 10% that would be an amazing goal because I've always been fat my whole life my full...
  3. R

    Female steroid results

    Hey i just finished my first steroid cycle and wanted to give an update and ask some questions I'm 5'2 and I weigh approximately 135 lb I did anavar and winstrol 5mgs of each for 8 weeks I gained about 4 lb and I also got very strong in the gym and I had incredible vascularity improvements My...
  4. Z

    Steroid effects on head hair

    I am looking for honest answers on head hair issues I know a lot of you on here like to push steroids but I don't want to get bald. I'm currently 33 years old and I have a head full of hair and I want to keep it that way at the same time I would like to use steroids. what kind of steroids would...
  5. Q

    Female cycle for 28 year old

    I’m 28 years old 5’5’’ and 135 pounds 2 years ago got into kickboxing and since then i am now teaching it to people Its really fun and a good way to burn calories I’m looking to take some PED’s to boost my results I’ve got a list Anavar Winstrol Testosterone
  6. Q

    domestic supply solid experience

    everything was perfect with domestic supply From ordering on their website, to shipping, to delivery. They said they would ship out the next day and they did when i messaged them. The products are also outstanding, i love their trenbolone, its no joke at all. try them out. ordering is easy great...
  7. L

    Female cutting advice

    I’m 25 years old 5’5’’ 137lbs Right now I am taking anavar/oxandrolone 10mgs a day along with 5mgs of winstrol I am dosing the var EOD and the winstrol every 3 days. Looking to possibly add in clenbuterol as i have some i got from a friend I'm very new to this side of PED’s. can you give me some...
  8. W

    2 injectables and 1 oral to try

    I am interested in recomping first, but also if i gain some lean muscle mass that would be cool too I have a list of steroids below i wanted to use. Please help me put together something with low sides that will work Trenbolone Winstrol Masteron Anavar Testosterone It has to be 2 injectables and...
  9. PhillDragon

    Hgh porn

    HGH ghrp-6 cjc-1295 ipamorelin
  10. W

    3 month female stack

    10mgs a day tbol 10mgs a day of winstrol Half a ML of primo injection 2-3x per week Do you think it would be okay to stack things together like this. I am taking NAC supplements and also i am 155 pounds and 5’10’’ 35 years old
  11. P

    Masteron and Winstrol

    anyone try stacking both masteron and winstrol together? Im’ 18% body fat. 105Kg and 6’1’’ I want to cut down I am gonna eat in a deficit 1000 calories also cut back on carbs and fats. While also upping my protein
  12. V

    Female winstrol and sarms

    5’5’’ 55kg 22% body fat 44 years old Female stack with winstrol, 5mgs and then increasing to 7.5mgs Then stacking some cardarine gw with it ? or should i use lgd4033?
  13. W

    Steroids for amateur bodybuilder

    Hey i am excited about my first time using steroids as an amateur bodybuilder I am gonna compete in physique I’m 5’9’’ 165 pounds and 9% body fat I’ve got some steroids in mind Masteron enanthate 500mgs a week Trenbolone 250mgs a week Winstrol 50mgs a day
  14. JimAbs43 Hardcore 22 - Halotestin and Winstrol PreContest Stacked Hardcore 22 - Halotestin and Winstrol PreContest Stacked
  15. A

    Winstrol female stack

    I would like to stack winstrol with sarms How much winstrol would work good? Should i use gw with it or something else? I’m 5’4’’ 135 pounds. Want to get stronger and lean out
  16. B

    Stacking tren with winstrol

    I’ve been on trenbolone and winstrol for 4 weeks I started out with 300mgs a week of the tren and added the winstrol 50mgs a day after week 2 I’m experiencing a lot of head hair. My question is will the issue solve itself or should i stop the cycle? I don’t want to lose anymore hair
  17. S

    Doing 2 orals together

    34 yrs old 5’5’’ 177 12% body fata I want to stack 2 orals The 1 oral i want to do is anadrol for sure, i was thinking 50mgs a day What else would you stack with it between anavar and winstrol?
  18. Y

    Which steroids are best between masteron and winstrol?

    I’m currently 5’9’’ and 167 pounds with 10% body fat . I want to bulk on cycle then cut. Doing 600mgs of testosterone and then will cut. If you had to choose 1 steroid to finish a cycle with would you pick masteron or winstrol?
  19. B

    Winstrol cycle that is simple

    I'm looking for something that doesn't convert to estrogen and can help lean me out more I'm down to 7.5% body fat and I'm 5 ft 8 in + 176 lb. 38 years old I'm interested in using Winstrol what do you think about doing 20 mg for two weeks than up in the dosing to 25 mg for four more weeks
  20. S

    Why do i get pain on cycle as a female?

    Hello I am a female and when I use steroids I get pain in my lower stomach area and on the side like a side stitch I was using winstrol 5mgs + anavar 10mgs anyone go through this does it have anything to do with biology of females?