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  1. H

    napsgear you are the best!

    I love napsgear, they are simply the greatest source out there always Great customer service and their website works fantastic I can’t wait to try out my next cycle. This time i ordered tren, masteron and winstrol gonna be my biggest cycle yet. I ordered it and less than a week later it was at...
  2. N

    tren is the best wow!

    Wanted to share my trenbolone cycle I’m 34 years old and I’ve been using steroids for about 5 or 6 years waited patiently to use tren and decided to go with trenbolone acetate 350mgs a week total was my dose and I used 250mgs a week testosterone E with it within the first week I could feel the...
  3. A

    help my joints feel better

    I knew going into my last cycle that my joints would take a beating did winstrol for 100 milligrams per day and it was about 8 weeks my joints really started to act up especially the second month into my cycle what supplements can I start taking to help with joints?
  4. W

    how to choose a female steroid stack

    there are several options for me to choose from for my next steroid cycle It will be my third one I’m 40 years old and I am 5 foot 7 inches and I weigh approximately 148 pounds the three steroids are most interested in are winstrol, anavar and testosterone would it be possible to stack all 3? my...
  5. V

    Would stacking winstrol with sarms work?

    47 yrs old 6’3’’ 195 pounds 13% bf I’m looking to cut down and get more dry Problem is winstrol in the past has hurt my joints a lot but it works so damn good i want to use it again Next step for me is gonna be using sarms with it to see if i can offset the issue I know that ostarine mk2866 and...
  6. A

    How to add winstrol to this stack

    I’m training 6x per week very religiously and I'm getting some outstanding results on my current cycle Its testosterone + masteron, doing enanthate on both now my question is how do I cut down the last 4 weeks of my cycle with winstrol? Should i just do 50mgs a day or should i stick with 25mgs...
  7. L

    What can go wrong on a first cycle?

    I’m 29 years old 5’6’’ 167 pounds and around 8% body fat I am on my first ever cycle and I'm using testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week with deca durabolin 400mgs a week Also kickstarted things with some winstrol 25mgs a day first 4 weeks So far I'm having incredible results. Training my balls...
  8. W

    Sustanon 750 vs. 1000mgs?

    for my next cycle I would like to transition from using testosterone to sustanon I’m looking to do 3-4CC’s of sustanon per week have you really noticed the difference between using 750 mg and 1,000? I'm also going to add DHB and maybe some winstrol to this cycle. The winstrol 100mgs a day but...
  9. om33

    Susta-Deca-winstrol+PEG MGF

    Hello, noob here looking for advice. I bought the stuff in the table below, planning to do a 12 week cycle: Susta: week 1-12 Deca: week 1-10 winstrol: week 7-12 I bought also PEG MGF, but I still don't know whether I can stack it with rest, and if yes where and how should I introduce it to my...
  10. U

    Tren, winstrol cycle stack for 235 pounder

    I’m not a small guy at all. 235 pounds, 6’5’’ I’m around 18% body fat My stack i was looking at is winstrol 50mgs a day with trenbolone 225mgs a week 4 weeks for winstrol with 8 weeks of the tren then coming off Do you think I should add anything else here or would this be suitable? Looking for...
  11. J

    Winstrol issues and supplements

    I've been doing Winstrol for the past 3 weeks and I'm doing 50 mg a day so far my main complaints have been joint issues and loss of head hair I'm hoping you can recommend to me a couple supplements that I can start taking to help with both issues. I'm only 28 and I'm already losing hair this...
  12. N

    Transformation cycle for cut

    I’m currently in my late 20’s I'm very tall 6'5 and I weigh 180 lb. body fat is around 10% . would like to cut down closer to 7 or 8% that would be cool. also putting on some muscle mass would be nice on my frame as well. I’m looking to use winstrol 10mgs 3x per day Deca durabolin 300mgs a week...
  13. K

    Working out 6 x per week and steroid run

    Currently 42 years old, athletic and 190 pounds and tall Few years back i did 3 orals together. Believe it was anadrol, winstrol and anavar, did them with some cypionate Today i want to try another cycle. This time do deca durabolin and testosterone enanthate. I also have primobolan on hand, 2...
  14. K

    Leaning up for summer?

    How many of you on here Also have big plans for the summer? I would like to get in at least two Beach vacations for the weekend and I would also like to get shredded to the extreme I’ve got a plan Trenbolone 300mgs a week for 8 weeks Winstrol 100mgs a day for 4 weeks Masteron 500mgs a week for...
  15. D

    Don’t use winstrol and tren together

    My last cycle i ran a trio of steroids I did trenbolone 300mgs a week, testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week, and then i did winstrol 50mgs a day This was not a good cycle for me I ended up with major headaches the whole time, also my head hair got destroyed and its not coming back post cycle...
  16. A

    Not feeling well on winstrol female

    I'm a female who decided to take winstrol have previous cycle experience with anavar, where i did 5mgs for 10 weeks, then followed that up with 10mgs for 8 weeks the results were OKAY, did not get the fat loss i was hoping for decided to try winstrol on the advice of a guy i am dating. Do not...
  17. R

    2nd cycle of var and winstrol! With some clen

    31-year-old female 5'5 142 lb training for around 10 years I do four straight days of training from Monday through Thursday then I take 3 days off over the weekend bringing in around 2500 calories a day and about 150 g of protein I’m planning on dropping calories down to under 2000. I'm going to...
  18. J

    Doing a steroid stack for cutting

    I just want to do a steroid stack to cut down. I already have a lot of muscle and bulk on my frame as I am 50 years old and I weigh 95 kg and I am 5 ft 8 in. my body fat is around 15% . if I can cut down to 12 or 13% It would be ideal I think for my stats My thought process is including anavar...
  19. B

    What would happened if i did winstrol + anadrol?

    I'm one of those people who used to blow up the science lab in high school. I really like experimenting with different things and being a guinea pig on my own body I'm currently 25 years old and I am new to anabolic steroids but have been doing a lot of research on them the past year I know that...
  20. W

    Female steroids post pregnancy

    I recently had a failed pregnancy and had to abort the baby it has been 3 months and I still have an excessive amount of body fat and water weight that i am holding a friend of mine suggested I get on some anabolic steroids to help me shed this weight. she suggested using Winstrol because that's...
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