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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

very pleased to seeing you're having a good time on this cycle
Update for 2-12-24 did Bis and tris workout here. I fasted Sunday 24 hrs then did it again on Diet was light obviously

machine concetrate curls 70lbs at 25 reps
95lbs at 20lbs
110lbs at 15 reps
110lbs at 15 reps drop to 80lbs 12 more reps

Dip machine 145lbs at 25 reps
175lbs at 20 reps
190lbs at 18 reps
190lbs at 18 reps

hammer dbell curls 50lb dbells 18 reps
60lbs dbells 15 reps
60lb dbells 15 reps
60lb at 12 reps

Tri pushdowns 70lbs at 25 reps
90lbs at 18 reps
90lbs at 15 reps drop to 60lbs at 15 reps

preacher curls 110lbs at 20 reps
135lbs at 15 reps
145lbs at 12 reps

tri skull crusher machine 125lbs at 25 reps
145lbs at 20 reps
165lbs at 18 reps
165lbs at 15 reps

Pump is crazy right now and cant wait for the EQ to hit. Strength is getting up there fast. keep grindin should see good results here. got good bit of Fat off me already even though it a bulk. my metabolism goes crazy soon as gear and gym consistant
Good arm workout
So Weds was a rest day and Thursday I had Dr apt and worked 12 hours so back to back rest days for me which was needed. Back was pretty sore from Tuesdays Workout which I will show below.

Food been consistant

7am Muscle Milk

830am eggs, cheese, potatoes, onions, peppers. ham, oats honey and milk

11am MRE shake xtra honey and oats and isolate about 925 kcals

1pm chicken and 1 cup rice

3pm ground beef and rice

5pm MRE shake again

730pm Muscle Milk

845pm Chicken carrots brocolli and pasta

Back Workout

Life fitness Pulldown machine 120lbs at 25 reps
160lbs at 20 reps
200lbs at 14 reps
240lbs at 8 reps drop to 160lbs 15 more reps

Row Machine
145lbs at 20 reps
170lbs at 15 reps
190lbs at 12 reps
205lbs at 10 reps drop to 130lbs 15 more reps

1 Armed isolated rows
160lbs at 18 reps
190 lbs at 12 reps
205lbs at 10 reps
205 lbs at 10 reps then drop to 160lbs 12 more reps

Pump was really good and feel good and sore 2 days later. Great Feeling. Strength is getting up there fast. Keep increasing weight ever workout. Cant wait to Drop the Anadrol and Tren together...
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