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  • Some stick around and have popped up for a post or two and leave, C&C in particular has turned awful, I think I'm here more out of habit than anything else. Living life too, Finally got a divorce last year, enrolled for my Master's degree thi semester, going to the gym 4x week, overall getting my shit back together LOL. What are you up to?
    Wassup bro. I never got banned... I just saw this post you posted in 07.. hope all is well..
    yo i watched through consperitus and intervention theory so far (fugn awesome shit btw thanks alot).... two things i thought about while watching through these definitely gave me some chills, have u happened to see the movie the fourth kind?? they use an owl in that movie to symbolize alien abductions AHGHHGHHG CREEPY as fuck fukn devil movie, and also this article on the pope now claiming he plans to talk less about jesus... Pope To Ease Up On Jesus Talk | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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