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Alternate Push/Pull or all Push, all Pull?

Bill S.

New member

I'd like your opinions on this.

Which is more productive for building muscle size and endurance, alternating push and pull exercises to get additional rest or doing all the push exercises then all the pull? For example, if I do 3 sets of rows, should I do my 3 sets of pulldowns after the rows or it is better to do 3 sets of bench presses, then go to 3 sets of pulldowns, then to 3 sets of incline benches? Pull x3 (back), push x3 (chest), pull x3 (back), push x3 (chest)

Alternating push and pull exercises (not supersetting) lets me get more reps from each set because of the extended rest time between like exercises. But is that less efficient in building muscle size and endurance?

I hope I made this clear enough, and thanks!

I don't think it'll make an appreciable difference either way. If your poundages increase and you eat enough, you'll grow. But experiment and see for yourself.
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