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    domestic supply fast

    they told me my products would ship on wednesday and it shipped that day. No games with this source. They are on point. great products and service. communication is smooth and ordering was very easy. delivery was fast 8 day turnaround. products ordered was primo, test, anadrol. results are...
  2. M

    my geneza pharma 12 week review

    i have done a 12 week cycle and now am coming off. I didn’t even run anything special but had really good results. nice professional products. communication is smooth no problems. products delivered under 4 days. ordered EQ, test. nice results 12 weeks
  3. E

    domestic supply is class A source

    my 2nd time using these guys. They were on point. Got me my products pretty quickly. Will be back. will use them again. great communication on point. shipping was fast 4 day ship time. i ordered primo, deca, test. results are amazing perfect cycle, no sides.
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    PSL one of the best

    first time using PSL. have to say one of the best experiences i have been through. they are solid source. I had no issues ordering on site. delivery was good gears was delivered in 14 days. i got a bunch of orals and injectables. results are impressive gained 18 pounds.
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    Minimum orders domestic supply?

    maybe I am just missing it on their website but is there some sort of minimum order amount that I have to make on domestic supply? Just looking to pick up a couple items only right now. don't need to get an entire cycle but want to make sure what the minimum order is
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    Why geneza pharma is my go to place now

    So i had an order from geneza pharma get to me and opened it up to find that they had sent me exactly what i ordered in all my years of ordering steroids this is the first time I've actually gotten what I ordered. Not just that but all the products got to me in perfect condition nothing was broken
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    Domestic supply is sharp

    I am Referring to the source domestic-supply They are excellent and i could not be happier I ordered 2 weeks ago and they shipped it to me within a week. These products are great brands which i have used before including Ultima and Odin. I have been on the orals for a few days and already...
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    using napsgear again and again

    they have it all on their site. I was able to buy my entire cycle and also run a full PCT. Had great results and kept almost all my gains. website is fast and very simple ordering process. gears were packaged perfect. i ordered tren, anadrol, tbol , pct stuff. results are impressive legit...
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    always gonna use napsgear

    i love napsgear, they are fantastic source i ordered a few of their hgh kits. Wow the stuff is amazing i am cutting down and i feel my skin health improving a lot too great product all around
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    PSL order arrived on time

    Just want to let everyone know my order from PSL got here I went and checked my mail 5 minutes ago and was so excited to see it had arrived Everything was exactly how i ordered it. The orals were packed perfect, they were bent on the ends but nothing was broken. Safe and securely shipped
  11. V

    domestic supply broke my plateau for me

    I set a goal to look a certain way in the mirror and this products are definitely helping me achieve that look that I was looking for that I couldn't do naturally. they are pretty quick to ship. communication was okay 48 hours to message back. delivery was amazing nothing to complain about ...
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    can’t go wrong with domestic supply!

    DS is a great source, never done me wrong. Consistent and always with great products. great outfit over there. ordering was easy no problems with it. delivery was fast and packaged perfect, nothing broke. i ordered masteron, proviron and winstrol. results are impressive love it, getting hard
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    perfect napsgear experience

    i have been using napsgear for a year now, just did another order and cycle with them again and perfect. got great results again. communications was good very easy to figure out. packaging was solid and they delivered on time. ordered equipoise, primo and testosterone. results are impressive...
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    Geneza shopping experience

    My next order is gonna be geneza and i want to make sure i have everything I got 2 vials of testosterone 2 packs of anavar And 2 vials of equipoise What else should i buy from them on cycle? Do i need letro or arimidex?
  15. L

    Nice job PSL again

    Just did my 2nd order with PSL They handled everything with professionalism and class. Vision was sensational how he dealt with me sometimes I have to remember that they are a steroid source and not a high-end car dealer or something like that. Will use them a 3rd time
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    geneza took care of me

    I’m pleased with geneza service i used another source and had an issue with their products when i used geneza this time my results were instant. I will recommend them again
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    Great service from napsgear

    Hello all Had an issue with ordering from napsgear. Was my fault I had put the wrong address and when they went to ship it luckily it was caught in time because they realize the address was wrong they contacted me and explain what happened and we were able to fix everything and then they...
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    why I recommend napsgear

    So I have been using steroids for 30 years I’ve got them from gym dealers, email sources, friends, and websites in all my years I’ve gotten fake steroids, got ripped off and all kinds of things my view is you have to trust your steroid source. Naspgear is the place I trust most. They always...
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    PSL is my favorite source

    I wanted to reach out to the forum and let everyone know why PSL is my favorite source first its their easy to use website. Its fast too. I like the way they categorize the products so its easy to use even for a newbie next their service answers everything and they ship really fast. And of...
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    Domestic supply fast shipping

    Just ordered a bunch of things from domestic supply, they have some new brands Shipping and ordering was super friendly and fast Great service all around I will update on what results i get.