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    puritysourcelabs one of the best

    one of the best things about using this source is the cost. They aren’t the cheapest but they are also very fairly priced. I can remember years ago paying a lot more for the same products. even using three different steroids it still is cheap and their anavar is really good. nice products and...
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    Puritysourcelabs primo any good?

    was reading about how Primobolan was frequently faked and even if you get the real thing it's still extremely underdose because it's so expensive to source I want to know if puritysourcelabs is any good. I wanted to buy about $1200 worth of primo from them But I didn't want to waste my money if...
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    Puritysourcelabs is my new home

    I used for the first time my order arrived very anonymously and discreetly. I expected it would get to me fast and it did. this is a legit company and the products speak for themselves also the professionalism that I experienced is excellent and I am mind blowing how good...
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    Domestic supply pharmacom, six pex or odin?

    I will admit I have never used any of these brands before between pharmacom, sixpex and odin But they are now the primary oral steroids available at domestic Supply I have used a lot of junk orals in the past and i know how scammy it is buying from online sources I want to make sure that these...
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    Puritysourcelabs prior cycle

    I did a cycle from psl, I wanted to let everyone know my progress I am using Eurobolan, stenbolone and Eurotropin together What a great cycle I highly recommend you guys try it as well if you want to get some muscle mass gains and also lose body fat This is easily the best...
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    use geneza pharma if you want to recomp

    my intention here wasn’t to recomp, i didn’t think it could work with my poor genetics. I was wrong. I’ve been impressed with this gear on this cycle. I have been losing a lot of body fat especially around the belly and gaining muscle. nice recomp stack. smooth ordering process ordered and...
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    Why i love domestic supply

    So there are several reasons I love using domestic supply They are my go to steroid source *great website that has it all. Whether you need on cycle or off cycle products they have you completely covered *great service. They are always messaging me back quick. Don’t think they ever take a...
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    geneza pharma is helping me

    another great experience with geneza pharma they had my products out within 5 days once I got it then I started using of courseright away the anadrol had me huge within a week, I wasall pumped up. Great feeling when I am doing my workouts
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    Napsgear solved issue

    My initial payment did not go through and they confirmed that. I sent the bitcoins A day later i checked my account and it was back, it had been rejected. After talking to them it was me who put in the wrong address and they payment got rejected. they worked with me and help solve the mystery...
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    Why is geneza pharma selling US and international?

    I’m confused about shipping via geneza pharma I see they sell both USA and international options How would i know how long it would take to get to me based on which country i was in? I am confused as heck
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    domestic supply HGH A+

    hgh is hard to find, legit hgh is harder to find. But these guys have the real stuff and its affordable. very trustworthy source. site is simple very easy to order. delivery was good and packaged perfect. i ordered hgh. results are impressive losing fat and gaining lean mass.
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    PSL hgh is good to go

    Was using hgh from PSL. wasn't getting the best results what it was really early I know of that growth hormone takes a long time to start doing anyting. Had the stuff tested with bloodwork. my growth hormone levels were Sky High on 5iu’s a day So we know they are good !
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    Napsgear is true

    Big kudos to napsgear for another great experience I ordered a bunch of things for my cycle Nolvadex, clomid, aromasin, arimidex, and letro Great products and saved a lot of money
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    Love PSL website

    I came across PSL a couple months back but wish I had used them sooner they have literally everything on their website and I was able to buy everything for my cycle and my post cycle all in one shot. It did not end up being as expensive as I thought I paid less than $600 for a really heavy...
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    Domestic supply orals are excellent

    Just want to give a shout out to all the reps on here for domestic supply Dylan, Jason, and the others who helped give me advice I decided to go with dianabol with anavar this time. I did 25mgs of each. Was one of the best cycles i ran, also recovered quickly. My test levels rebounded to 700...
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    Geneza anavar ideas

    I have tried using anavar oxandrolone before but I have always gotten fake or underdose product this time I'm going to be using geneza anavar. GP brand has solid reviews I'm thinking of running maybe 40 to 50 mg a day but I'm not sure what to stack it with or do you think I can run it solo
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    napsgear impressed me again

    2nd time ordering with napsgear they have impressed me a lot I was looking to use their testosterone and trenbolone together but decided to change my order to test and equipoise instead they changed my order no problem and shipped me the equipoise instead. Great service and I’m happy with my cycle
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    Napsgear very good

    Naspgear is the source that i started using recently They ship in about 3 days. Not bad at all My package didn’t have to go through customs since i ordered domestic I got several things Anavar Winstrol Dbol testosterone I'm very happy and will recommend them in the future
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    domestic supply website is A++

    I love they have not only every steroid you could imagine but also everything else you need on cycle or during post cycle I strongly recommend them they took care of me
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    Low sides and great gains from PSL

    I am so grateful that I chose wisely. I’m used to using underdosed gear or fake gear. This time I ran a mild cycle and had good clean results with little sides. nice things to say about them. i'm happy with ordering process. packaging was awesome nothing crushed or broken. ordered primo, var...