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    foolish to use anyone else aside domestic supply

    no need to even look at another source Domestic Supply is Simply the Best every time I place an order with them I get a tracking number within two or three days at the most before I can even blink the products are in my mailbox. Super fast shipping I absolutely love these guys
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    domestic supply fantastic results

    This is the third time I have used domestic Supply and this is the best cycle to date kept things really simple I did 600 mg we go primo and I did 250 mg a week of testosterone no problems with post injection pain and I pinned them both in the same syringe that really cut down on the number of...
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    my domestic supply cutting cycle

    I got on a good domestic supply cutting cycle and I wanted to share my success I was 20% body fat when I started. Got on primo, test, and anavar so I did it a little different. I didn’t kickstart this time instead I did anavar at the end last 6 weeks. Ran primo and test 12 weeks full ended up...
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    rock on with puritysourcelabs!

    Heard a lot of good things about PSL so I thought I’d give them a shot. I got on their testosterone and I used some Primo with it. The gear was surprisingly smooth to inject and it was very effective I had some really good results that started showing around week five. got my pack fast...
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    napsgear is the GOAT of sources

    very impressed with my recent experience with napsgear Decided to run an equipoise and testosterone cycle kept things extremely simple I did 400 milligrams of each and I kept it to 10 weeks only I was averaging about a pound a week of gains the gear was fantastic and it got to me in less than a week
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    napsgear has done an amazing job

    just want to give credit where credit is due napsgear is an amazing source they took care of me and made sure my products came on time I had a recent experience with another source where I had to wait a full month to get my stuff and they did not communicate at all so it’s refreshing to deal...
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    you can depend on domestic supply

    Ran into a major problem where I shattered several of my vials when I dropped them on the ground I was five weeks into cycle and I started to freak out reached out to domestic Supply and found out how fast their shipping was made my order and four days later my stuff was in route to me and I got...
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    much respect for napsgear after this experience

    So I have a lot of respect for napsgear after my current experience I’ve been on the fence about ordering online steroids for a while decided to try napsgear made me order and had it shipped to my house. It had been 3 weeks and nothing and the tracking number showed it stuck in New York it was...
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    5 stars for puritysourcelabs

    man what an experience from psl. first time using them but I've been using steroids for the past 15 years. usually get them from my guy at the gym but he is gone now so I had to go through the online thing which I was apprehensive about but they did everything perfect for me. getting stronger...
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    Domestic supply no problems on their gear

    Over the course of my life I have dealt with a lot of post injection pain and also the post injection cough. it's not just happened with me on tren but also with testosterone too. I'm just very sensitive to it I guess With domestic supply trying their tren and test no problems at all with...
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    puritysourcelabs satisfied again

    I would estimate this is the fifth or sixth time I've used them over the past 5 years. it's always been a great experience and I'm currently using their sustanon. I'm loving this stuff because as soon as you get on it you can feel it hit you hard within the first few days. I'm always hungry and...
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    Puritysourcelabs current promos?

    I’m looking to make a very large order with puritysourcelabs Both me and my brother are getting ready for a competition in the next few months, we are gonna take a road trip and visit California for the first time then compete there, should be fun! I got a couple questions about any promotions...
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    Will not go wrong with puritysourcelabs

    I’m hoping you guys can give me some kudos on my PSL results Just finished using their tbol Clen Test prop Mast prop The products are quality. Only used 60mcg of clen and light dosages of the test and mast. Didn’t need much. I was leaning out extremely quickly on this stack within the first two...
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    bigger and harder domestic supply

    i decided to try a bulking steroid stack this time. this is the first time I have actually used deca and dbol together in the same cycle. although I've used them separately and had good results using them together and then stacking in some anavar and proviron was been amazing. I'm getting good...
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    puritysourcelabs is a place you can trust

    I've learned a long time ago to never make large orders with sources because you never know when they may go bad. However with PSL i have the utmost confidence that I will never have an issue with them. since I am planning on competing it's going to be necessary for me to make large steroid...
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    only 2 weeks into puritysourcelabs cycle

    very early on my cycle but i am Noticing some results already. I am an absolute monster in the gym and I'm throwing around weights like a gorilla. I'm also very surprised at the low amount of side effects considering I am doing a tren run with deca. I’m really enjoying this cycle. early on, but...
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    Napsgear makes me so glad i used them

    After getting screwed over so many prior times using other sources Having my money stolen, shipping problems, getting my products really late, mixing up my products with other Packages Etc it's a breath or fresh air to be using napsgear They have always gotten everything done correctly with zero...
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    Which puritysourcelabs testosterone to pick?

    They have too many options at PSL site Looking for one that is good for someone scared of needles and that won’t require me to pin very often and feel it, also the one that will give me most bang for the buck Here is the list i am seeing Test prop Sustanon 250 and sust 350 Test Phenyl propionate...
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    best feel good stack ever geneza pharma

    decided to do the old school classic bulking cycle of test, deca and dbol. Cannot go wrong with these 3 together. My mood is awesome on it. I jump out of bed in the morning and cannot wait to get to the gym. Also my appetite is crazy good. highly recommend this cycle. ordering is easy got it all...
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    Rocking hard with geneza pharma

    What a great source geneza pharma Did 2 weeks of dianabol and tbol together 20mgs of each per day Nice little oral cycle. I’ve got 4 weeks left on it Already some amazing pumps and hardness on my frame. When i train my arms i walk out of there feeling like a machine with so much confidence. I...
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