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    puritysourcelabs discount codes and saving money

    I’m a person who goes 100% with everything in life when it comes to using steroids I want to order a huge cycle and spend lots of money because I believe that life is short and we should spend money on ourselves and enrich our own bodies. That’s why I love bodybuilding it’s for selfish people...
  2. F

    why domestic supply should be #1

    so I made an order from domestic supply before the 4th of july and didn’t think I would get my package. Didn’t even pay attention to the tracking number or anything but then I checked my mail after the holiday and it was in my mailbox it literally took three days! This is remarkable and I’ve...
  3. J

    geneza pharma is one of the best

    I’ve been very pleased using geneza pharma. Started on their test prop and mast prop around 6 weeks ago. So far so good, up getting nice results building a nice base body and also I’m cutting down and looking harder. Overall my mood has also improved in my libido has been tremendous I feel like...
  4. Z

    why napsgear works so good

    been buying steroids online for about 15 years now so I am not a newbie at this. Used napsgear now 3 times and let me give my opinion on them. napsgear is the #1 source and I am convinced they are that way for several reasons: 1. great products at a fair price 2. great people working there that...
  5. B

    using geneza pharma for aggression

    Looking to do a more aggressive stack with GP and i came across an idea of using tren and anadrol together. The side effects weren’t that bad I was actually pretty impressed that I was able to keep things manageable. Got really aggressive on it I was punishing the bag at the gym and I was really...
  6. C

    question on puritysourcelabs 15Ml vials

    so what in the world is the deal with these 15ML vials lol Never seen such a thing in my life I’ve been in the business of steroids and I’ve been using them longer than most of you have been alive. I’m currently 66 years old I’m just not sure what I think about these 15 milliliter vials how do...
  7. G

    up voting domestic Supply for sure

    jasonpriest asked me to put up a review for domestic supply so here it is. First off their customer service and shipping really is outstanding, I had to try it to believe it. Also great rep on the forum, Jason helped me put together the perfect stack for me. I did their testosterone P, mast P...
  8. B

    domestic supply you are something special!

    I place my order with domestic Supply and realize I had put the wrong address. Unfortunately the address was to my old place where my ex-girlfriend was living and if she found my steroids who knows what she would do to get revenge on me LOL. Fortunately I reached out to them and they were quick...
  9. T

    purity Source labs routine lab tests?

    I bought I read somewhere that sources like PSL are doing routine lab tests to make sure that their products and batches be high standards. Wondering if you can point out some examples of this happening one of the guys that I trained with said that sometimes sources will put out lab tests on...
  10. O

    geneza pharma nice bulk

    decided to do a bulking stack using dbol, tbol and sustanon. It was an excellent cycle and I’ve been very pleased with my results. I put on around eight pounds but more importantly I’m getting lots of looks and compliments from people which is most important for me. fast results and good...
  11. S

    thank you domestic-supply

    big thanks to JasonPriest and Greg at domestic supply. They are excellent. JP helped put together a cycle for me and when I placed the order things were on point. Got my products in 4 days. Super fast. So happy to use this gear. I went with beligas this time but used their pharmaqo previously...
  12. T

    cutting up on geneza pharma

    never thought i would enjoy cutting but i am on this cycle. The fat is just melting away although i will admit the side effects are definitely there but they are manageable. I’ve been on this cycle for about 10 weeks and I have one or two weeks left and I’m so pleased right now I wanted to write...
  13. W

    pleased with napsgear products

    napsgear is a quality source and I am more convinced now then ever. Service is excellent and Shipping is very fast. I had placed the order in three days later it was tracking already. They also emailed you and keep you updated as to the status of your order. I checked my mail and it was like a...
  14. M

    congrats on geneza pharma

    wanted to Congratulate myself on using GP products they have been fantastic for bulking. I’ve been able to put on about 12 pounds so far and I’m 10 weeks into cycle with four weeks left. Not even running anything heavy it’s been a good stack so far. crazy good bulker their service is fantastic...
  15. B

    spot on communication with napsgear

    first time I’ve ever ordered online and I had a few problems. I put in my wrong shipping information and I mixed up the funding options that I was going to use. I reached out to them and their customer service was very quick to help me correct my own mistakes. They didn’t play the blame game and...
  16. T

    why does puritysourcelabs only offer international on some discounts?

    I’m looking to save a lot of money on PSL so I bought a bunch of products was really excited because I got a good deal on them. Then I went to check out and I realized that they only offer these deals if you’re ordering International. I took them out of my cart and I ordered again domestically...
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    my domestic supply success story

    currently using domestic supply and have a lot of good things to say about their products so far. I was 5’9’’ and 174 pounds and started out without much muscle on my frame. Did testosterone, anavar, and equipoise from domestic supply. Didn’t even run High dosing the most I did was 400...
  18. R

    napsgear positive gains

    currently 31 years old and decided to try napsgear for the first time. very excited to report I had excellent results. Went on their test prop and anavar. Did 500mgs total of the Tprop which really was awesome, and the anavar I did 40mgs a day which helped with fat loss. It was a great...
  19. F

    geneza pharma mild stack

    this is my 3rd time using geneza pharma, i had really good results. Test and tbol was a great stack before, this time wanted something even more mild. Went with var and primo. The price was excellent, very affordable and didn’t need to run a lot to get the effects. A+ results, loved it. Ordering...
  20. S

    puritysourcelabs question on using winstrol vs. masteron

    what is the best PSL option when it comes to cutting down + hardening With the least amount of side effects if you had to choose between using injectable winstrol vs. injectable masteron? Or would you say they’re pretty much the same thing and I should just do a coin flip LOL I’m about to place...
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