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    Hello all. I am doing a D-bol only cycle. 40mg/ED for 6 weeks. Don't flame me for this. I would just like to give weekly updates about my gains and experiences so far. Let's start. End of day 7 so far. I will include my weight gain + Workout dumbbell gains + Side Effects that I have noticed...
  2. A

    First ever cycle???

    Hello everyone please do not flame me for doing a dbol only cycle (Orals), I am a first time user. If anything give me advice please and try not to put me down to much.. But I will start by giving my stats. I will try and be as detailed as possible with my everyday routine. I Plan on using...
  3. A

    Doing dbol only cycle?????

    Hello everyone please do not flame me for doing a dbol only cycle (Orals), I am a first time user. If anything give me advice please and try not to put me down to much.. But I will start by giving my stats. I will try and be as detailed as possible with my everyday routine. I Plan on using...
  4. K

    Trying to cure pubertal gyno. Letro, nolva or both?

    I've probably had gyno since I was 12, i'm about to turn 16, and im just sick if it. I'm not sure what my bf % is but im lean with muscle definition so Im almost certain It's not from being overweight. But I was going to try nolvadex and letro before resorting to surgery and blowing money. It's...
  5. C

    PCT suggestions for anavar-only cycle

    I am 29, 5'6", 165lbs, training consistently for 3 years and eating pretty well. I shall shortly be finishing a 6-week first-time cycle of Anavar (50mg ED but it's from an UGL) - I saw some results in terms of strength and body composition (seem to have gained around 3-4lbs clean), though as...
  6. T

    First cycle log - Sustanon, Anavar, Nolva, Clomid

    I'd like to share my experience with my first cycle. I followed advice on this forum specifically (it is the only forum where I am registered and bookmarked) and came out with some great gains, which I attribute directly to the EF community (my source only knows so much). My PCT ended today...
  7. S

    Need help with gyno

    Let me first start off by stating that I'm a novice at all this so I'm open to any and all good advice to help with my issue. About 4 weeks ago I started taking anadrol that I got from a gym buddy of mine and I now notice that I have developed puffy nipples. They are not sensitive, nor do I...
  8. P

    Legit online Canadian Pharmacies for PCT

    Are there any LEGIT online Canadian pharmacies that any one has ordered nolvadex or clomid from?
  9. A

    Need help! Nolva question.

    Hey bros, 3 weeks into my first cycle and I started noticing that my nips were hard ALL the time. I was checking them constantly and I think I made them a little sensitive b/c of that. I have been running Test Cyp at 250/2x a week and hcg at 250iu/2x week. Also been on .5 of A-dex EOD since...
  10. S

    Sust-dianabol, first

    OK here i go, this is my first cycle and heres how it goes: wk1-10 sust . 500mg / week wk1-4 dianabol .PD PCT nolvadex for 4 weeks -now id like to no should i be running any anti estrogen drugs during the cycle? -should i be running anything other than NOLVADEX for my PCT and is that a...
  11. Discreet User

    Bleeding Nipples: Anyone Else?

    This has now happened to me on two separate cycles. Once I go lower than 3mg of Arimidex per week my nipples begin bleeding lightly when I towel off after a shower. This has happened on 1.5mg of Arimidex per week, and once I up the dose to 3mg the bleeding stops within a few days. I have also...
  12. S

    Nolvadex advice please!

    Hey, it looks like I might be getting gyno since I'm starting my PCT late. :( nipples are sensitive and a bump that hurts. I am looking for a site to finally get legit nolvadex to get online. I've been searching over and over and theres too many sites and not enough people giving real site...
  13. wonder_boy

    After You've Crashed?

    So my buddy started his 3rd cycle ever and was going to go easy and do about 5 weeks of Enanthate only with intentions of getting some Nolvadex within the weeks of his cycle. He got boned and never received his PCT so at the end of 5 weeks he decided to stay on until he found something. 10...
  14. B

    desperately need help!

    im taking d bol right now but the whole reason i even work out is because i have big puffy nipples, im not fat or anything. but i heard if i stop the d bol and take nolvadex it will help with my nipples. can someone tell me how many mgs of the nolva i should take and if i have to stop the d bol?
  15. B

    Gyno from Winny only

    Hey fellas, I know some may dispute but I can tell you with 100% certainty I get gyno from Winny only. I had gynecomastia surgery 5 months ago to remove large accumulations of gland so I'm very familiar with the symptoms and affects of gyno. Nearly every cycle I ran in the past created small...
  16. D

    Questions regarding dbol

    Hello! I am about to start a dbol only cycle and I would like some criticism. This will be my first cycle, and I was thinking about doing a 25mg ed for 40 days. And as PCT I was thinking something like this: Nolvadex Day 1-7 40mg Day 8-30 20mg I'm 22 years old and my weight is currently...
  17. D

    Proviron vs Arimidex vs Nolvadex during test cycle

    What do u guys say will be most effective against water retention and gyno for a beginners cycle of test-e 500mg/week? Or what is the best stack combination?
  18. J-S

    tbol puffy itchy tip of nipples

    I know I'm not suppose to get gyno from it but is it possible? (8% bf so I dont beleive it is fat never been fat either) my nipples are very puffy and itchy on the tip... is it normal puffyness? do I need to stop my cycle or just start nolvadex?
  19. C

    Sustanon 250,is PROVIRON Neccessary

    This is my first Steroid cycle,I am doing Sustanon 250 at 375mg per week for 8 weeks,I have read many threads stating it would be great to add proviron ED at 25 mg ,do you think this would be a good plan? I also have nolvadex and clomid,3 weeks after my last shot i will do Day 1-7 Nolva 40mg...
  20. C

    Sustanon.....When to use Nolvadex

    Hi Guys, I am doing sustanon 250 at 250mg every 5 days for 8 weeks,would i use Nolvadex during my Cycle or 2-3 weeks after my last shot,I have clomid also .Can you guys give me a good pct,cheers guys,oh yes this is my first cycle ,I am training hard eating big,what type of gains do you think i...
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