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  1. Jigga14

    The truth about Tamoxifen (nolva)

    So a certain board rep has been pushing nolva as the "miracle pct drug" on this board. We at Elite Fitness have outgrown the use for nolva long ago when we realized there were much better products out there that did a better job with less sides, and less FATAL SIDES. Now it seems that this...
  2. P

    Nolvadex and Eye Floaters??

    Hello, This issue has become something thats now on my mind 90% of every day. I was on Liquid tamoxifen (nolvadex) For just one week. while on I came to the realization that I wanted to try a natural route. Was taking 20mg a day for 7 days. A few days after i stopped I was reading about SERMS...
  3. Infamousck

    HCG Sources who's legit and who's fake

    First time posting. But no rookie when it comes to working out and trying out new supplements to speed up my muscle growth. I'm currently taking my first ever cycle of Sus 250. I'm not stacking however I do have some EQ, but I figured I'd do this stuff alone to get a feel of it and then maybe...
  4. T

    First cycle ?'s

    Current cycle(wk10) what do you think? Also how should I change pct? Ideas for next cycle(thinking sust only)? Wk1-16 600mg equipoise (fort dodge 50 mg) 2 shotsx3 ml twice mon&thurs Wk1-16 550mg andropen 275 (test blend) 1x1ml tues&fri 3 wks after last shot- Wk1 nolvadex 40 mg ed Wk2 nolvadex...
  5. F

    2 months after cycle - no libido

    Hi there ! For 3 months ago, i decided to try steroids. I got a good offer with my dealer, but I didnt check out what I was doing until it was too late... I ran 4 weeks with turinabol, winstrol and dianabol. Orals only cycle. After that I ran 2 weeks with pct(nolvadex). Im 21 years old, and...
  6. J

    First Timer Cycling Sust 250. Change in CC?

    I just started my cycle of sust 250 and I'm posting this thread for progress and any tips that I can receive. I just did my second pin of sust 250 yesterday. I am doing 1cc a week every Monday. I have thought about going to 1.5 - 2 cc a week as I'm reading mixed things on what to actually run...
  7. B

    First cycle basketball player with an old injury

    Hi guys, i'm 6'6'' that's 194cm and 98kg, i have the skinny fat look with some man boobs, i will be running for 12 weeks testo enanthate (250 x 2 per week) for the first 4 weeks i will be taking anadrol 50 mg i am running the cycle so i could get back in basketball, i have a mild lower back...
  8. N


    i was wondering whati should be taking for pct when off of a cycle 5 weekscyp 250 1ml twice weekely followed by 5 weeks t400 1 ml twice weekly? have considered and have access to nolvadex 40 mg daily? hoow long? any other suggestions with dossages and time periods would be greatly appreciated...
  9. M

    help on pct plz

    hello mates ive finished my first 6 weeks cycle of anavar 60 mg ed , now im on pct nolvadex second week 20 mg first week was taking 40 mg , im also taking milk thistle and antioxidant , ive gained Hardening effect, strength gains, vascularity, body fat dropped and i need to drop my bf% to...
  10. M

    what to take with anabol for gyno

    hi there , new here got 50mg on anabol an been taking then for once a day only on my 6th day an my left chest is getting a bit sore , banged it today in the gym an got a sort of sort of shooting pain also it has increased in size compared to the other one has also been throbbing quite a bit...
  11. T

    First Cycle Feedback

    I am running my first cycle, and for the most part I am loving it. I have had some stomach issues that I am unsure whether or not they are related, but my doctor believes it should clear up on its own so I have just continued powering through, although I have been instructed against any lifting...
  12. A

    Non-PH Cycle Help

    I am looking to run a non PH cycle of Nolvadex and Metformin. I plan on running 20mgs of Nolvadex and 2400-3000 mgs of Metformin per day spread out over three doses. I would like to try this as a cutting cycle and will accompany it with a fat burner like musclepharm's shred matrix or CL...
  13. A

    Non-PH Cycle Help

    Hey fellas, I am looking to run a non PH cycle of Nolvadex and Metformin. I plan on running 20mgs of Nolvadex and 2400-3000 mgs of Metformin per day spread out over three doses. I would like to try this as a cutting cycle and will accompany it with a fat burner like musclepharm's shred...
  14. B

    Completely Revamped 10 Week Cycle

    As a result of all the responses to my first cycle, I decided to revamp it almost entirely. PLEASE chime in with any adjustments you guys think I can make to improve upon it. My First 10-Week Cycle: Weeks 1-10: 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate 2x/week (Monday & Thursday) Weeks 1-11: 250-500...
  15. cgphilly49

    quick gyno question

    i got a quick 5 weeks into a cycle of just test 500 mg/week...ive taken superdrol, m1t in the past and had no gyno issues...for as long as i can remember my nipples were always a little puffy but never any pain or itching or anything like questions is for the past few days...
  16. Y

    First time Cycle Advice

    31yr old male, 220lbs 18% BF I have been in the gym 2 years steady. I could not get arimidex so i have nolvadex 20mg instead. How should i use it with my cycle of test cyp 500mg a week. First time using. Please help....
  17. S

    Clomid Nolva Arimidex… too much for a Dianabol PCT?

    Yeah another one of them threads. Oral only, I thought I had it sussed. But reading that some of the much bigger cycles have smaller PCTs, I’m scratching my head… Dbol – 30/40/40 /40/40/50 mg ED Arim – 0.5mg whilst on dbol only (EoD) Clom – week 7: day 1 200mg, next 12 days 50mg ED Nolva –...
  18. Y

    Nolvadex and Test Cyp proper dosages?

    Im 31y old male weigh 220 lbs. been on the weights 2 years steady. BF 18% I was thinking about doing a 12 week cycle of 200mg a week Test Cyp with nolvadex, what would the proper dosage of nolvadex be? Do I need PCT with these doses? My buddy went through an HRT clinic he is taking Test...
  19. T

    Clomid/nolva from rxprohub or rxhealthdrugs

    Hi guys, Just wondering im about to get some clomid and other stuff probs dbols from rxhealthdrugs or rxprohub, but havnt seen any really recent post from people that have got from these people, are they g2g? and do they ship to canada and reliable as they wount take my money and run :) thanks
  20. S

    My first cycle. .

    Hi! I am a 26 year old man from Norway. Been training good for about 2 years. 3-4 times a week. 180cm tall and 75 kg. I just want to know if my cycle seem ok, and if something is wrong please advice me. . I have started a test only cycle. testosterone enanthate, inject 2 times a week (500mg...
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