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  1. W

    chance of fertility come comeback

    I have used steroids for 8 years, I went on self TRT about 4 years ago doing 200mg a week along with tamoxifene nolvadex daily. I feel good and my anxiety and depression seemed to improve doing this. I am currently 30 years old and my old lady wants a baby. I went behind her back and did...
  2. G

    First Tren Cycle Advice

    I'm looking to run my first Tren cycle and would like some advice on my gear. Here's what I'm planning: CYCLE: WK 1-8: 45MG TrenA ED (315MG weekly) WK 1-8: 25MG TestP ED (175MG weekly) WK 1-8: .25MG Cabergoline (Dostinex) 2x WK WK 1-8: .5MG Arimidex EOD (ONLY if needed) HCG: WK 1-6...
  3. R

    Nolvadex depression and anxiety

    You are all probably going to think I'm stupid but I'll explain a little bit about myself, I have had gyno in the past from steroids so I should never have probably done them again as I am not a major bodybuilder. I ended up having surgery to get rid of the gyno. Recent I took 1 days worth of...
  4. S

    Help! - Lambo Labs

    Is Lambo Labs Nolvadex gtg? This is urgent and any personal experience would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I

    First Cycle Review

    Background info I'm 30 years old. I've been training for 10 years on and off. 1 year ago I tried to do a first cycle without any idea what I was doing, as I found out in hindsight. I did 4 weeks Test E (250mg) and Deca without running a PCT. I wanted to do it longer but when I noticed...
  6. C

    Need some help please.. choosing between HCG, Nolvadex, and Clomid

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I just finished my first cycle and really need some advice with how to do my PCT because I've gotten a lot of conflicting advice from my two friends who set me up. I did a 12 week cycle. 40mg of Dianabol for weeks 1-4 500mg of testosterone cypionate every...
  7. H

    Nolva/Tamoxifen Durring Cycle/ Also PCT?

    Hey guys, I made an account to be able to get your guys' opinion on how to proceed with my PCT. My cycle was - Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp 500mg/week - Weeks 1-6: Dbol 40mg/day I had a gyno flare up and started to take Nolva to calm it down as it was all I had on hand along with Arimidex that was...
  8. J

    Should I use Clomid Nolvadex now or wait for next SARMS cycle?

    Completed a successful 12 week SARMS cycle with plan to run mini-pct with Ostarine, liquid-Clomid and Liqui-Nolvadex from AG guys. Clomid and Nolvadex never showed up so went solely with Ostarine. Now, nearly six weeks later, my Clomid and Nolvadex shows up. May have had mild suppression from...
  9. V

    tamoxifen tablets?

    I can find tamoxifen liquid quite easily, but would prefer tablets if anyone could help me find trusted sites
  10. K

    Geneza Pharm for PCT

    Hello again, I was wanting to know if anyone has used Geneza tabs for their PCT. Namely their Aromasin,Clomid, and their Nolvadex. I am just trying to find the best deal. If no one can vouch for them. I will be going to AG-Guys. It seems everyone on this board can agree they are legit. Thanks...
  11. O

    First time cycle, some complications

    Hey all, I been running 10 week test E cycle 500 a week, where I have two injections of 250g with 3,5 days apart. I also take 70mg daily of Anavar the last 3 weeks of the cycle. This is my first cycle and I had 6 years of lifting experience before I started, with good routines and diet. I am...
  12. P

    Need help! Running a cycle but trying to get rid of gyno! PCT advice?

    I just finished a 10 week Test 250/Tren 250 cycle a montha ago. I didn't run a pct because I'm goin start a 6 week Test 300/Winny 50mg cycle so there was really no sense in running pct. My gyno got really bad during the test/tren cycle. I had a little bit of gyno from past cycles that I didn't...
  13. C

    Tbol/Var Stack 6 week Journey. Cycle opinions.

    YO, I got my hands on some Turinabol and Anavar 25mg Caps made by Finnea Pharmaceuticals Canadian made product. I will be running Milk Thistle made by Herbal Factors for this cycle. At the end of my cycle I will be running Nolvadex for my PCT. My dosage will go like this. Week1: TBOL 50mg/VAR...
  14. J

    Question on cycle/PCT -

    Hey guys I'm new to this site but just wanted to ask a couple questions about my cycle and my PCT. Quick run through of my cycle - haven't started yet but it'll look something like this 10 week cycle: Weeks 1-10: Test Enanthate 250mg/week Weeks 3-10: Anavar 30mg/day - 210mg/week Weeks 1-12...
  15. A

    Buy Nolva online in Australia

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a good site to buy Nolva online? Have scouted around and none of the sites I found seem to take MasterCard. Any advice would be appreciated
  16. Lou Super Man 123

    How to kill Gyno with Nolva on a Test E only cycle?

    Hey guy, it's me again, Liam, it just have this question that I couldn't answer. For sake of the argument let's say no matter what, you are not going to use an Aromatase Inhibitor, even if Jesus appears and says so, also it is your first cycle, you are on your genetic limit of growing, the cycle...
  17. Lou Super Man 123

    Critique my monocycle of Test E 500 @ week

    Hey guys, how you doing? Liam here, this is my first thread, I'm posting my data so you can critique my cycle and plan. I have some questions too, hopefully some of you guys can help me with that too. I'm being as specific as I can ---Info--- -Age = 26 -Height = 6’2’’ -Weight = 220 -Bodyfat =...
  18. S

    Nolvadex dosage and info

    Hey guys, new to these forums and have a quick question which i thought would be best answered here. im not using steroids or dont plan to anytime soon but i do have a mild case of teenage gyno which iv had since the age of around 13-14. iv read alot about nolvadex helping reduce teenage gyno...
  19. G

    Clomid or Nolva?

    Hey everyone, I'm a new member and this is my first time posting here. I am about to start an 8 week cycle of an h'drol and tren stack (oral PH's) as soon as I get my PCT in order. I have been researching the PCT for some time and I am getting mixed information as to which SERM to run...
  20. C

    First cycle of dianabol!

    Hello, I m 24 years old, height is 174 cm, weight is 155 lbs and my body fat is 11.38%. I have been working out for a very long time and it took me alot of dedication, hard work and cardio to finally get my six pack. Now, i'm thinking about starting my first cycle of dianabol. I did alot of...
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