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    Existing Gyno & Nolvadex

    I know there is a lot of discussion on this board regarding the effectiveness of Nolvadex with regards to Gyno. My situation is this, for whatever reason I have mild gyno, first noticed a few years ago. It was since confirmed as gyno with a mammogram. Would taking a cycle of Nolvadex...
  2. E

    FIRST CYCLE - TEST E / D-Bol / Proviron / Aromasin? / NolvaPCT

    Hey this is going to be my first cycle, I was orginally thinking of Test E - 500Mg Weeks 1 - 10 Dbol 30 MG Everyday Weeks 1-4 Proviron Not too sure yet PCT Nolvadex 40 / 40 / 20 / 20 I was also thinking of doing Aromasin during the cycle to reduce bloat / sides. Will it be beneficial...
  3. M

    Dosing Nolva on test ethanate cycle

    Test ethanate 500mg a week on 12 week cycle I know everything I need to about my cycle and stats as Ive spoken to people on other forums. However I have been told dosing nolvadex at 40/40/20/20 is no more effective than dosing it at 20/20/20/20? Is this a myth?
  4. A

    Oral Turinabol LOG

    Hello everyone, I am starting an ORAL TBOL cycle. I am going to be updating this everyday for those of you interested in following this log!! let me know if u are interested or not! Workout History: Been lifting proper for the last 2 years!, My current weight is VERY LIGHT, because of the fact...
  5. I

    Pentadex 300 Cycle

    Pentadex 300(sustanon) Cycle HELP PLEASE!!!!!!! I am looking to start a short Pentadex 300 cycle and I was looking for some help on the details. I am 6'2" 225 with about 23-24% BF and this would be my 4th cycle, 1st in a few years. This is what I have so far, I would like input from the experts...
  6. Discreet User

    Low Dose Anavar/Deca/Test Cyp...

    Considering running a low dose Test Cyp/Anavar/Deca cycle. Still undecided about the Deca, but have been thinking that maybe if I keep the dose very low I can avoid the need for Dostinex/Cabergoline. Goal is to continue slow and steady bulking and maintain a healthy physique for my lifetime...
  7. V

    Need PCT Help Badly!!!

    I am taking a cycle of Epibolin by MyoPharma and MMA-3 Xtreme by American Cellular Labs and I was wondering if something along the lines of Reversitol and a liver support would be fine for my pct? Or should I get myself some Nolva/Clomid? I am very new to the PH and Steroid world, so plzzz help...
  8. A

    Anavar PCT advice (Nolva, L-dopa and DAA)

    Hey guys, I am doing an anavar only 75mg cycle for 7 weeks. I have the following for PCT: -Nolvadex -L-dopa (NOW foods) -DAA (bulk powder) How much should I take, for how long and when? I think the L-dopa should be taken on empty stomach, right? Would nolva be good at 20mg for 4 weeks, or is...

    Nolvadex for Gyno Treatment

    Nolvadex for Gyno Treatment I've gotten a lot of PM's about this lately so I decided to write a thread about this so people can reference this if they have questions. Yes, Nolva can be used effectively to treat Gyno caused both by gеar usage and by obesity. During a cycle if you notice itchy -...
  10. J


    Came off a long pre contest cycle and started my pct of clomid days (1-7),nolva,aromasin and ovidrel(diluted with 2.5ml BW and taken 10iu twice a day eod)(days 8-37) During my pct my libido was still non existent so i had blood work done..everything came back fine but my lidido =( ..My doc...
  11. M

    Gyno - Letro/ clomide/ nolvadex/ d bol

    I took d bol 25 mg ed. they were 5 mg pills. i had 200 total so do the math how long i took it for. my buddy screwed me over on the off cycle so i didnt take one till a month after i was off. liquidex hasent gotten rid of my gyno, and i had half a bottle of clomide that i took. i now have...
  12. I

    Winstrol/Anavar/Proviron stack

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about starting the following stack next month: 6 weeks Winstrol 50mg/day Anavar 50mg/day Milk thistle 1000/day ALA 3000/day Vitamin E Post cycle (6 weeks) Tamoxifen 40mg/day Proviron 25mg/day I know a lot of you will say to add test to it but I would simply like to...
  13. B

    Alcohol During PCT???

    Hello everyone, Im done a dbol ONLY cycle and now doing PCT (Nolvadex) 40/40/30/30/20/20. TODAY is my birthday, wondering if i get drunk off vodka is this gonna mess me up internally??? thanks I have not drank anything during my cycle, i stayed away from all liquor. Today on the other hand is my...
  14. B

    Nolvadex stopping gains????

    Hey guys. I started running 20mg/ED on day 10 of my 6 week dbol cycle 30mg/ed due to puffy/itchy nipples. Ever since my gains have been down!!! Week 1 Gains: 4lbs Week 2 Gains: 6lbs Week 3 Gains: -2lbs 3 weeks and i have now only gained a total of 8lbs!!!!!! I EXPECTED MORE!!! IVE BEEN EATING...
  15. B

    Help with cycle?

    Age 21, Hi guys, im running dbol only cycle, 40/40/30/30/20/20/10 im on day 18 now. I started running 20mg Nolv at day 11 because my right nipple started to look puffy. I so far have gained 9lbs, I LOST 2lbs since taking nolv and have not gained any more weight since! whats going on! what should...
  16. B

    Nolvadex Question??

    Hi, I got small irritation to nipple area and started taking nolvadex during my dbol cycle, 20mg ed, IS THAT ENOUGH NOLV? and continue to take it throughout my cycle and for PCT. IS THIS OK TO DO? when i take the nolv do i dose this in a bunch of smaller doeses and take throughout the day? or do...
  17. B

    Weird Side Effect From Winstrol?

    Hi guys a friend of mine is doing a 6 week cycle at 50mg Ed. Hes about 10 days in his cycle as I am also 10 days in my Dbol cycle. He is a little worried about some odd side effect that has occured, When he sweats or gets tired at the gym, all over his arms little tiny and i mean tiny (Prolly...
  18. B

    Questions about dbol??

    Hi guys I have a few more questions concerning Dbol Orals. Q1- Honestly, what are the actual chances of getting Gyno running just Dbol at 40/40/30/30/20/20/10 Q2- Do orals actually damage ur liver that much? think about it, People are prescribed medications like Oxy Cotton and take them...
  19. B

    Do family doc have knowledge on steroids?

    Hi I was wondering If i was able to go to a family doctor to inquire concerns about anabolics. Or would they not have the knowledge on them? thanks.
  20. B

    Possible Signs of GYNO?

    Hi, im currently running Dbol 40mg/ED by itself, I have Nolv on hand. Im about 10 days into my cycle, I have no sore or itchy nipples, BUT my right nipple seems to be a little tiny bit larger than my left now, seems a little more rounded and solid looking. WHAT SHOULD I DO !? How much Nolv...
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