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Pentadex 300(sustanon) Cycle HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

I am looking to start a short Pentadex 300 cycle and I was looking for some help on the details. I am 6'2" 225 with about 23-24% BF and this would be my 4th cycle, 1st in a few years. This is what I have so far, I would like input from the experts on here if it would be decent.

I will be using
Pentadex 300 @ 600mg PW/2 injections
Winstrol Oral @ 50mg ED
Anastrozole @ 1mg EOD
HCG @ 1,000IUs PW/2 injections
Nolvadex @40mg ED

Week 1= Winstrol, Pentadex, Anastrozole,
Week 2= Winstrol, Pentadex, Anastrozole, HCG,
Week 3= Winstrol, Pentadex, Anastrozole, HCG,
Week 4= Winstrol, Pentadex, Anastrozole, HCG,
Week 5= Pentadex, Anastrozole, HCG,
Week 6= Anastrozole, HCG,
Week 7= Anastrozole, Nolvadex
Week 8= Anastrozole, Nolvadex
Week 9= Anastrozole, Nolvadex @20mg ED
Week 10= Anastrozole, Nolvadex @20mg ED

Also wondering if I should continue the HCG into my PCT.
Any help on dosages, compounds, etc would be helpful.
Btw, the cycle is short because my cycle needs to done by May for personal reasons. Thanks for any help in advance.
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