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FIRST CYCLE - TEST E / D-Bol / Proviron / Aromasin? / NolvaPCT


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Hey this is going to be my first cycle, I was orginally thinking of
Test E - 500Mg Weeks 1 - 10
Dbol 30 MG Everyday Weeks 1-4
Proviron Not too sure yet


Nolvadex 40 / 40 / 20 / 20

I was also thinking of doing Aromasin during the cycle to reduce bloat / sides. Will it be beneficial with the proviron or how should i tweak the cycle? I was told proviron will add hardness to the dbol and test's gains aswell as combatting sides however i was also told Aromasin should be used instead of the prov to keep bloat down. Thanks

EDIT: Also, I was wondering if i should just remove Dbol and possibly proviron and stack Anavar with test? I want to bulk but i want the definition.
I'd run the test alone at 400-500mg a week for 12 weeks. Or maybe the test and D-bol at 30mg weeks 1-4 and run the aromosin or armidex when you notice bloat or water retention. PCT needs work.
What would you do for PCT? And if i stack prov I wouldnt need aromasin? Also would prov give definition to the gains from dbol and Test? Also helping me keep it ?
You need to:
1. Post your stats!
2. Do your research.

If you are indeed a good candidate for AAS, without your stats who knows, you need to change this up.

1. You have no idea how your body will responds to these hormones. Test only is where to start for 10 weeks at 250mg.
2. You need an AI like aromasin.
3. You have no PCT so read up and learn how to put one together.
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