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Existing Gyno & Nolvadex


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I know there is a lot of discussion on this board regarding the effectiveness of Nolvadex with regards to Gyno. My situation is this, for whatever reason I have mild gyno, first noticed a few years ago. It was since confirmed as gyno with a mammogram.

Would taking a cycle of Nolvadex "knock it down" such that it would not be noticable/puffy much going forward? I have never and do not plan to cycle steroids, so by that the gyno "should" not come back once off the Nolvadex, although I would not be surprised if it did for whatever other reason.

But based on the nature/risks of Nolvadex, would this be worth the trouble? If the impact could at all be permanent or semi-permanent, it certainly would seem an option to try before messing with surgery.

>Thanks in advance
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