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First post about second ever cycle.


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Hey guys, I am new to the forum however have been reading for quite some time now. Just started my second ever cycle and was wondering if I can get some input from your guys.

26yr old
Training on and off for around 8 years. Solid now for 2yrs
6ft 2in tall
Weight fluctuates between 97-102kg depending from week to week.
Body fat at my last scan was 15% but am a little higher now say 17-18% after our Thailand holiday. Dropping fast back to under 15%bf with decent eating.
Eating close to a Paleo diet just with a few extra carbs to help with energy given my new training.
I strained my MCL twice now and could not train legs for almost a year. This has killed my deadlift etc and need to get the strength back as fast as possible. Hence my new strength workout styling.
Eating around 2400 cals a day with alot of protein and few carbs.
My goals are to gain strength and a little size but don't want much fat gain with it so not worried about gaining 20kg etc. if I could put on 2-3 maybe of lean muscle and keep some strength I would be happy.

Not sure how much food I will need to reach that goal on the gear

Have recently made the switch to crossfit and found I needed more food as was dying half way through the day. I have read alot about crossfit and gear and have taken alot of advice from this site. I have started a strength program for the next 12-15 week with an emphasis on legs and explosive power.

Doing alot of the following exercises.

Cleans, clean pulls, hang cleans, power cleans, high hang cleans, snatch, snatch deads, hang snatch, snatch high pulls, deadlifts, sumo deads, box jumps, front squats, back squats and box squats. Clean and jerk along with just push press etc. added some bench press in there also.

Crossfit WOD's I am keeping to smaller workouts 2x week as after reading this site I am worried about my bloody thickening and obviously over working the heart with raised pressures and thickening of the heart walls. A little paranoid maybe and this brings me to why I am here. Do you think this will be ok or should I drop back to 1x week.
Today's workout was
As many rounds as possible in 20min
7 deadlifts
10 push ups
15 box jumps.

Last cycle I was not prepared although saw great results still doing general free weight

This cycle I am more prepared having read a bit more and acquired more PCT stuff.

I am doing test e only again,
250mg 2xweek Saturday/Wednesday to keep levels stable. Second week in now and plan on 12 weeks total.
Pct is clomid and nolvadex was thinking to start clomid two weeks after last injection
Run for 4 week at 50/50/50/30 Ed. It's a liquid product. Not sure if I need the nolva as haven't had it before.
What dose should I take the nolva at and when? It two is a liquid product.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been as honest as I can and any questions please ask. I don't pretend to know everything and genuinely read all suggestions and take them on board. Was going to hammer crossfit like a beast while on the gear but having read about issues with heavy cardio whilst on gear I am worried about it.
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Long post geez. It's late, I'm tired, I only skimmed it so sorry for that

Ill start off by saying i dont like crossfit but your training regiment is your preference. Your bf isn't ideal for cycling. Your confidence in your diet reveals that you aren't ready for steroids just yet (although you've already cycled). Diet should be the first thing to be in order, every day, 24-7 before steroids come. Then your training comes and should be intense and in order. Then a minimum of a few solid years of devotion to these two comes. Then steroids could be an option. You're not well versed on what pct is. It's easy to just do what everyone else does and choke down clom and nolva, but why? Do you know what they do? PCT should be more than this.
I see you're also recovering strength from some injuries. You can gain this strength back naturally, it's
muscle memory. Steroids aren't necessary. You'll do too much too quick on a weak joint and injur yourself once again. Build the strength back slowly, that's how we recover...not "fast as possible" as you say. Not attacking you at all, just making sure you've thought
It all through
Hey mate. Sorry for the confusion. I have clomid and nolva and arimidex.

The arimidex was the one I wasn't 100% sure on although now having found a few posts on this site I realise I can use that during the cycle should any gyno issues arise. I can also stack the arimidex with a smaller dose of nolva until the symptoms go away and use for a day or two after that.

I think I will drop the Clomid from the cycle and just use the Nolva at 80mg split into two doses for the first day and then 40mg for 6 days after that before dropping back to 20mg for a further 21 days depending on my blood work results.

I got bloods done three weeks ago for comparison and my doc will do them mid way through and after 2-3 weeks of PCT. I will also try and get some Hcg for during the cycle at 500iu every 4 days mixed with my oils. This will hold me teste size and aid in recovery although I can't use that after my cycle as it will counter the nolva from what I just read. Just need to track some down. Being in Australia that might be easier said then done.

I have had issues understanding alot of sites with all the slang and stuff they use instead of actual names. This thread has helped my understanding alot.

As for my diet I am pretty sure it is decent. My only concern is not what I eat but how much I will need to eat for my training and goals.
Bro, I am not trying to be a dick in any way because you seem like a nice guy but i am not a person that believes in telling people what they want to hear... i believe in telling people what they need to hear so they can accomplish their goals... you have a lot of reading to do man... your body fat indicates your diet is not very good... your training regiments is so scattered and not very good either... you have a lot of work to do in both of those areas before you run any sort of cycle... you need to be dialed in with all of that for a good amount of time before you cycle... you also need to be in better condition for many reasons...

then comes your pct... for future reference, nolva is garbage... your pct is all fucked up... here's a proper pct

forma stanzol
daa powerchews or powder



clomid 25/25/25/25

ostarine 25 mg day
I don't want to be told what I want to hear man. My body fat is dropping and has been for the past 12mnths went from 32% down to 15% as I have lost over 27kg through my diet and training.
As for my training I haven't really gone into it on here. I have merely posted the exercises/lifts that I am doing. There is no point me doing culs and lat pull downs etc as this won't help with my goals and where I want to be. I can post a weeks worth of my workout for anyone to look at. I do those movements as a structured workout to improve the main lifts I do being Deadlifts, snatch, clean as jerk.

My diet is strict and consists of the following.

Morning 530am
Protein shake 3x1500mg fish oils
BCAA 10g, HMB 5g, glutamine 10g.
2 egg omelette with avocado, half a tomato and some grilled ham or bacon.
75g tin tuna in water
1x apple and hand full of almonds
Lean meat and 2x cups brocolli, couliflower and another type of veg depending what's left from dinner.
Small handful of nuts
Either tin of tuna or some curried egg wrap/sandwich.
Lean meat with veg
3x 1500mg fish oil caps
BCAA, HMB and magnesium supp.

Slow release protien before bed around 9pm

More then welcome to give tips on the diet guys as any help is good. Remembering that I don't want to stack on bulk weight.

My lift stats are

190kg deadlift
90kg snatch
100kg C&J
130kg front squat.
post it in the diet section... also post your goals... etc... you will get the guidance you need there...
So what are your goals for this cycle? I take it you aren't trying to bulk up. Keep the clomid for pct, add some natty boosters and daa as Dylan always suggests.

Oly lifts are great for strength and cardio depending on how you train. I did nothing but snatches yesterday and my shirt was soaked after. Are you doing anything besides crossfit 2 times a week?

Also, how many rounds of the 20 min wod did you get through?
I got 11 rounds plus 17 reps. I was doing crossfit WOD's in the AM and the oly lifting in the PM but having read others posts on the net regarding gear and crossfit the general idea seems to be keep the WOD's short and to a max of 2 per week. Happy to do more though just not sure how the body will react to it and if safe to do so given the changes the gear does to your blood. Seems to much cardio will have negative effects on the heart according to these posts I have been reading.

I want solid strength gains over all.
120kg clean & jerk
100kg snatch min
Lean muscle gain with either staying close to the Bf I am or dropping some.
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