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Hey Guys

This is my first post on this site so please bare with me as this is a bit long and hopefully my questions arent too stupid.I didnt know which section to put this is but because I ask about PED's at the bottom I decided to put it here.

A bit about me

Im a 36 year old guy and have trained on an off with weight lifting, sport or outdoor bootcamps throughout different times in my life. Up until 12 months ago I had been severley over weight for as long as I can remember (even as a child). 8 years ago I used to weigh 113kg (248.6 pounds)and ended up dropping 30kgs (66 pounds) in 3 months by eating healthy and working out twice a day alternating between HIIT cardio and weight training with a BFL style workout.

Personal circumstances changed and in the end I stopped working out and ended up putting it all back on over 7 years. Last year I hit 113kg again and that was the final straw and I decided I needed to sort my shift out. I have since lost about 30kgs again (in 3 months again) but this time I didnt do it the best way. I drastically reduced my calories from about 3000 a day (thats why I was so fat) to about 500. I cut out all sugars and starchy carbs and just ate meat and salad. I know this isnt the ideal way to do it as I would have lost some muscle as well as all the fat but at the time my only goal was to lose weight and I didnt care how I did it. This did have the added bonus though of giving me strong will power once I set a goal to see it through and it also caused my stomach to shrink that when I did improve my eating habits I no longer needed top eat so much because my stomach had shrunk and I became full much quicker.

I have kept the weight off for 12 months and my life and health has improved dramatically but I then decided being thinner was no lopnger enough and I wanted to be fit and improve the way my body looks. I have joined a strength and conditioning gym that is similar to Crossfit (I will just call it Crossfit for the ease of explaining) and I am really enjoying it as the group dynamic helps motivate me. The classes are kept small by capping them at 10 people so there is plenty of supervision and coaching by the trainers. The trainers are good and dont try to push you into doing difficult lifts that you arent ready for. Im currently 85kg (187 pounds) and about 20% body fat. I was 82kg and 18% but I let myself go over Christmas.

Wow, that took longer than I thought.

I understand that a lot of traditional bodybuilders dont like Crossfit or at least some of the idiots that run the boxes and represent it (I can completely understand this) but I enjoy the strength and conditiong style workouts with the constant variation, find it fun but hard, and this keeps me motivated to work out as often as I can. I also understand that the Likes of Rich Froning and all the other CF athletes you see on TV dont look like that with out doing traditional style weightlifting on top of their CF and Im sure lots also use PED's.

When will he get to the point, I hear you asking.........

The problem I have at the moment is I work a rotating roster and my work, sleep and rest patterns are constantly changing and I am a bit unsure how I should combat this in regards to # of meals to eat and when as certain days I am up for 24hrs straight. I will have no trouble eating clean and following it strictly once I know exactly what to do but figuring out exactly what that is can be a bit confusing. My work roster consists of 2 x dayshifts then 2 x nightshifts then 6 days off, these are 12 hour days.

The problem I have is that after my second day I dont go to work until the following night. This generally means I get home from work at around 7.30pm have dinner and am in bed by 9.30pm - 10.30pm. I then wake up around 4.30am to 8.00am depending what day this happens to fall on and then I am awake all day before going to work that night for a 12 hour shift. Im home from night shift by 7.30am and I go to bed and get up at 3.00pm and get ready to go back to work for another 12 hour night shift and getting home at 7.30am again. I have now finished my 4 day work cycle and have 6 days off but because I have come off nightshift and I need to get back into dayshift mode I stay awake all day and dont go to bed until around 9.30pm - 10.30pm that night. This basically means that on the days I go from dayshift to night shift and then night shift to days off I am awake for about 24hrs straight each time

What I have been doing is

2 days when I am on dayshift - I have either been doing some light cardio or havent been exercising at all.

2 nights when I am on nightshift - I have been doing 20 minute HIIT cardio before work

6 days off - Depending on what days this falls on as my gym isnt open on Sundays I have been doing the 5.30am CF class in the morning and going back in the afternoon at 3.30pm for the Open Gym sessions and doing the BFL program (Its what I knew as it worked for me before).

My goals are-

To increase my strength and lean muscles, but strength over muscle size is my preference.

I dont want to get overly huge like a body builder, Im looking for a more athletic, fit look with visible muscles and abs

To reduce my BF to single digits

I chasing 3 things-

I would really like some advice on my current/planned training schedule. What I was planning to do was to continue with the light cardio and HIIT on the days I work and on the days I am off I was going to continue my CF morning classes and in the afternoon do tradition

weight taring to help build strength and lean muscle mass. I was thinking of something like the Wendler 5-3-1 system or some German Volume Training.

I would like some advice on my diet. I was planning on doing the zone but what ever diet I choose the part where I am unsure about is how much should I be eating on the 2 days when I am up for about 24hrs straight?

I am also interested in PED's. I have never used them before but I am interested in doing a couple of cycles. I didnt want anything too hardcore and I have read that a lot of people recommend the SARMS Triple Stack for first timers or Crossfiters. I like the reduced risk of gyno or amartisation and the added endurance effect that this gives you. I believe it is also a great fat burner while maintaining size and that your gains can be kept once you cycle off as long as you calorie intake is spot on and you continue to train at the same level. I should mention that I take Dexamphetamines (I think it is the same as your Ritalin) for ADD.

Im sorry that this was so long but I wanted to explain my situation and I know you guys like to have a clear picture before offering advice

Hi I can recommend lgd which is a sarm but word of warning It will shut you down but only mild. Keep ur cardio up and you will have great results and you could chuck in some mk677 do this for 4-6 months and then on when you got two months left go on lgd for the two months. Good luck
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