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  1. T

    how often do you train calves and abs?

    I’m trying to get together a workout routine and I’m scheduling different muscle groups a certain way for example my chest I’m only doing once a week and same thing with my legs just doing them once a week now as far as abs/calves.. So these are supposedly the two muscles that you can train...
  2. C

    5 day split and fatigue

    currently doing a 5-day split but I'm dealing with a lot of fatigue soreness has been an issue and I'm finding an overlap with certain muscle groups when it comes to proper recovery. What would you change? My layout right now has been for 6 weeks Day 1. Legs Day 2. Push Day 3 rest Day 4 pull Day...
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #8 - Get Cut get Abs New Years Resolution Cycles - Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #8 - Get Cut get Abs New Years Resolution Cycles - Euro Pharmacies
  4. V

    how to get rock hard abs

    looking for some advice on improving my abs they are super fluffy as it is I have a lean look but abs just don’t pop like I was hoping yet
  5. G

    personal trainer put me on this program

    my personal trainer wants me to do a split routines. he has me doing it like this: push pull legs abs/misc also has me doing 25 sets per session 12 reps I am a newbie to weight training and think its too much for me but wanted your opinions. I’m paying this guy $80 per session
  6. A

    Training protocol let me know

    let me know what you think about my training protocol below and what we would change Sunday arms Monday chest and back Tuesday abs and legs Wednesday off Thursday arms Friday chest and back Saturday off
  7. E

    Where is the ab talk?

    I see a lot of threads about working certain body parts especially the chest and shoulders and even the legs. But I don't see anything about abdominal work. How many times a week are you guys working out your abs. I see some of you on here have some rock hard ABS so I know you guys must be...
  8. D

    How often a week do you train?

    I'm trying to develop a split that works best for me. Right now I have a Monday chest day Tuesday back day Wednesday shoulders and abs day Thursday quads Friday arms Saturday rest of legs Sunday rest. I showed this to someone and they said it was too much to do. I don't know I'm writing do...
  9. N

    how to train transverse abs?

    I was lifting in the gym and some dude who was jacked with an 8 pack was lifting next to me so I said what the heck let me talk to this guy. I asked him how he gets his abs so tight and huge. He laughed and said you gotta train you transverse abdominal area and then walked away shaking his...
  10. E

    Starting point for bulk

    Starting a slow bulk this month... here's my current status:
  11. J


    If I don't want to gain weight but only get toned abs and a six pack. Can I use Serostim shots? Jody
  12. Brooklynmuscle

    Pefect Abs

    Check out this great ab workout tip from Dave Shutler NmvK5Qg-I2g Add Test Stack No.17 to your supplement regime and just watch your belly sculpt into perfect abs! Current promo running: "Buy 1 Bottle Get 2 Bottles FREE" use coupon code:BLCKR77M
  13. S

    15 Sets for Abs Too much?

    Hey gals, since abs are a lagging body part for me, I have tried increasing the amount of volume to 15 SETS. Is that a bit too much? I've recorded a video on my routine, would love to hear your take on it tWA3m8Dp96o
  14. M

    Abs Training

    Hi guys am new to this but I wanted to ask what core workouts work best as I am struggling to get the six pack I want. Thanks.
  15. P

    How to get better ab definition

    I'm 5'9", 142-144 lbs. I hit the gym 5-6 days a week for 60-90 minutes. I do a mix of 30-45 minutes cardio and then various weight routine. I do a wide range of ab exercises twice a week. An example of what I ate today is: Banana(morning) Turkey, tomato, onion, wheat bread (45cal a slice)...
  16. A

    My Progress Fat to Ripped Insane Abs

    This my 2 year progress hope you all enjoy it heres the link: My 2 year Body Transformation Video - YouTube yalaN3hjEQ Never quit keep pushing hard
  17. cgrayx

    Should I train abs while bulking?

    Hi, I have recently started taking training seriously and am currently on a clean bulk and doing 6 reps x 5 sets of most excercises. What I want to know is: Should I train my abs now and build the muscle under the fat (~8.2% BF) for the time being and when I start cutting I assume they will...
  18. 1longdong

    Bigges Myth about Abs????????

    I keep reading where people say you have to lower your body fat to get a six pack. Here is my question…… if the premise is that working your abs will not burn fat, and you have to lose weight, then why is it that my arms are not fat? What I’m saying is, if working your arms or any other body...
  19. D

    Finding your weight loss solution

    This is something that a lot of people already know, but it's always a good reminder. Different weight loss ideas work for some people, but not others. It's up to you to find out what works best with your body and then commit to it for the results continue.
  20. M

    Another Picture Log...Goal: 205-2010 with 7-8% BF....

    Whats going on everyone. Little History: Been lifting since 18. Now 23. 198lbs Ive been cutting while getting bigger due to the help of some *vitamins* and i am seeing the results better then ever... I am a strongman/powerlifter so most of the year i am lifting in the low rep range of 3-5...
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