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Another Picture Log...Goal: 205-2010 with 7-8% BF....


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Whats going on everyone.

Little History:

Been lifting since 18. Now 23. 198lbs

Ive been cutting while getting bigger due to the help of some *vitamins* and i am seeing the results better then ever...

I am a strongman/powerlifter so most of the year i am lifting in the low rep range of 3-5. When the summer comes i am doing higher reps and eating cleaner. My cardio started in April but isnt what it should be honestly. So that is what i need to work on.

I also just started *clenviscerate* and will keep my log up-to-date with pictures for everyone so they can see for themselves if the clenviscerate speeds up the process...

May 14, 2010 Pictures. Please note these are just ab pics because i started the clenviscerate this morning while at work. So wanted to get a before shot. Will update with variety of pics later since they are on the GF's camera.



Ok Guys;

I know i have not kept a good log, but thats because life got in the way of the posting...

Well here is my update:

August 12, 2010 Here is a recent ab shot.

Even tho the abs are in, i did have a much better cardio routine during July since i was on vacation trying to look my best. I need to up my cardio for my lower abs come back in harder.

I will upload a picture of me on vacation in a bit, but this is more recent.

Update on Clenviscerate: Over rated. Cardio will do wonders and Clenviscerate seemed to work very little for me. The burn is real, but imo, alot of weight lost was water around the midsection. Of course the clenviscerate helped me achieve the look i wanted, it just wouldnt have done it without the dedication of the cardio and diet. It did help get to another level tho.

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