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Whats up All


New member
Hey I no I was pretty new to the other boards but I believe I have alot to offer.
So If u are happy I am here so am I.
Talk to all soon

I'm glad to see you here too, MEDIC. I'll be looking forward to your posts, but don't think they all have to be golden. You can still lame out every once in awhile, we'll still be friends.

Be well, and lift heavy.


"'Til the weard of the world, stands, unforgotten,
high under Heaven, the hero's name." - Hrolf Krakki's Saga (Iceland)

hy MEDIC, did you go to a school regarding medical Education, or are you any kind of doctor because i have a few questions to ask that only a doctor would know about it....
Medic, you had some excellant advice on the anabolic board, i for one am happy to have you here. Especially for customs advice. Good to see you on what will soon be the ELITE board of all the net.

This post was brought to you by someone formerly known as Cantgetlayed.
Thanks Bro's for all your support.
To answer a question I am a paramedic and have been coming up on 11years now also in my third year of nursing school and moving along well there. I do have a board general knowledge of medicine and hopefully will be able to help out in any way possible and if I cant I do have some close freinds that are docs and they never have aproblem answering any questions so let me know.

Yeap, and I am one of those idiots that do post shit, repetative posts and will be using complete dicrestion here, do avoid any embrassing moments.

Sorry to all about yesterday Post. I deleted it out of good faith.

Hope all is well

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