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Universal animal stack 2


New member
I started stack 2 about a month ago and about to take my last fucking pack of these pills tomorrow so i decided to write a revie w on it.
My gains
starting weight 185
starting bench 200x2
starting squat 315x2
starting clean 185x2

end weight 193
ens bench 220x2
end squat 325x2
end clean 200x2

so all in all i did make some gains in strenght but only about maybe 1/4 inch on my biceps(and i havent weight trained in 6 months, but ive been doing pushups and all that shit with cardio). It made me more motivated especially if taken an hour before workout. Gave me more of an appetite. Gave me a lil acne. made me thirsty.
I might consider trying this product again and i would recommend anyone looking for a "legal steroid", but just dont expect steroid results. 3.5/5 stars
interested in this compound.

as iam a fan of animal products.

i bet it is in NO WAY comparable to the original animal stak (which ive heard was godly)

it is on my list of things to check out.
Yeah the ingredients look nice. If they are good quality extracts, it would make a great product. Some of those herbs might give you massive wood.
I use the animal pak and think its a good product, I think I will have to look into the stack 2!
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