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Help!!! Dbol cycle 4 weeks ago..

Hi guys, I started Dbol cycle 4 week-end ago. Im new into steroid usage..

Age: 40
Weight: 165lbs and 5'10

I take:
- 25mg Dbol / day (12.5 in morning and 12.5 before training)
- Arimidex (0.5mg from time to time maybe 2 time a week)
- Protein shake 3x per day
- pre-workout
- Milk thistle 2x per day
- oméga 3 2x per day
- multi vitamine 1x per day
- aspirin (1x per day)

I am training about 5 time a week for 1h each session.

It seem that I get not alot gain on my cycle... some people get like 20 pound etc... I get 5 pound only and my libido is very low...

What I did wrong??? :(

Please help me ajust this fast as I do a 6 week cycle.

MOST LIKELY your supplier. Go to next time
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