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Help!!! Dbol cycle 4 weeks ago..

monstro says do not stop your cycle keep it going but do it the right way
you probably have fake steroids that be my guess
hard to tell what's going on when you gave us nothing to work with
please post pictures of the gear you are using and list the source and brand
yes you are here to get our help
but you need to put up along so that we can track exactly what you're doing
if your diet and your training are not on point then you're not going to gain as much as you want
when I took dbol i was eating a ton and gained a ton.

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please log your diet
without that how are we supposed to guess if you're eating the correct Foods
if you're eating a lot of food it doesn't matter if it's low quality
there could be many reasons why your steroid cycled did not go well
even if you're training six or seven times a week if you're not training correctly you're not going to gain
+ that's why a log is important so we can see your training and teach you some corrections
Bros my line of thinking is put up a log so we don't have to guess as to what's wrong
we don't even know what you look like maybe you transform your body but you're just going by the scale which isn't accurate in all situations
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