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  1. J

    Cruising adding trt

    I’m looking to do masteron and want to cruise on it by adding to trt A friend of mine did 50mgs of test and 50mgs of masteron and said it did help with libido with no sides Do you think I could do something like that where I would drop my testosterone dose and replace it with masteron? If so...
  2. W

    Is it okay to use steroids with TRT?

    52 years old 6’1’’ 180 pounds 14% body fat I'm already taking supplements with my testosterone replacement therapy. I'm using creatine and I'm using tonkat ali but would it be okay to add in additional steroids as well? I would like to bulk up to 200 plus pounds someone told me to just add more...
  3. F

    TRT help 45 years old

    I've been working with an anti-aging clinic and they put me on a cocktail that is supposed to be really good for keeping me looking and feeling young They have me on sustanon every 8 days 250mgs CJC1295 200mcg EOD 30mgs DHEA They also want me to get on hcg and possibly an AI but I'm not sure...
  4. R

    Geneza pharma self TRT

    I decided to do self TRT using geneza pharma Best decision i ever made I was paying $60 per appointment at the doctor And the testosterone that I was getting I had to drive an hour and a half to the pharmacy because he would only send it to that company With geneza pharma i can get the same...
  5. S

    HGH and TRT

    I am currently on TRT prescribed by my doctor he said he could also put me on hgh too, but the price is too much for me at this time so I am sticking with just trt. 200Mgs a week I want to stack in 4iu’s hgh too. And will use a steroid source to save money. Anyone try stacking both? I want...
  6. J

    Female TRT

    I'm 55 years old and a former competitor for bodybuilding. I've used steroids before so I'm not a newbie to them but I am new to using testosterone replacement therapy. My ex husband started taking it in his late 40’s. I know some women are using it wanted to hear how many on here are doing it...
  7. A

    TRT Candidate? Low Free T, High Total T, High SHBG

    I am 37 years old and have all the symptoms of low T. Extreme fatigue, depression, low libido, no strength, brain fog, no morning erections. Minor gynecomastia confirmed by ultrasound. I have high Total T, but low free T and High SHBG. Is it better to try to overpower the SHBG with Test or...
  8. F

    Adding an injectable late?

    I started my cycle 4 weeks ago and I've been on 250 mg a week of testosterone which is my trt dosage and I've been on 500 mg a week of equipoise My gains are alright, but I think it could be better now I want to switch to oral anabolics. should I keep my injectable is going in add the Orals...
  9. E

    New cycle advice, detailed history

    46 years old, 110 kg, about 18% bf. Ultimate goal is to walk around fairly shredded at about 90kg. Current goal is to slowly get back under 100 while getting stronger and healing a bit. I am both hypothyroidal and hypogonadal. Been on treatment for both for 20+ years. Most likely had low...
  10. F

    using growth hormone

    I’m 58 years old I’m 6’1’’ and 230 pounds body fat is 22% I was wondering about adding growth hormone to my current TRT I just got put on TRT and I can feel the change, they also want to put me on GH too but its expensive. Is it worth the cost to get on it?
  11. J

    Getting on TRT with high test levels

    What is the best way to cheat my way to get onto testosterone replacement therapy if my current testosterone levels are medium-to-high? I really want to get on it and use 200 mg a week. I'm 28 years old and my testosterone levels are only at 550 and I want it to be over a thousand can I...
  12. E

    Going from TRT to a cycle

    I’m 28 years old and 160 pounds I had a question for everybody that knows about TR I’m currently on it and am doing 200mg a week It's not doing anything to help me in the gym so I want to add a cycle to it. my question is do you take away the TRT dose and then add back in the steroids...
  13. K

    Best steroids for sex drive

    what are the best steroids to use for my sex drive I’m currently 5’10’’ and 180 pounds My sex drive has been lower after 50. I'm currently 51 years old I do a lot of running and I spent a couple times a week in the gym. I am already doing the whole trt thing and my sex drive hasn’t...
  14. L

    Geneza pharma testosterone

    I'm looking at doing self trt, i’m tired of going to doctors and spending hundreds just to get something that I could be buying on my own. which testosterone would you recommend for someone doing self trt. I want the least injections as possible
  15. C

    Anti aging clinics vs. endocrinologists

    I'm wanting to learn about the best place to get a script for testosterone replacement therapy HRT/TRT should I try going to an anti-aging Clinic which I am confident will prescribe me whatever I want but charged me a lot of money per month or should I try to go to an endo and go via the...
  16. E

    Define hormone replacement?

    I keep hearing these different terms when it comes to hormone replacement. I hear HRT, TRT, HR, etc. not exactly sure what each of these things mean and how they apply to us individually for example I'm currently 55 years old and I'm not sure which I'm supposed to be on. I've been to...
  17. D

    Female TRT

    A friend of mine went to an anti-aging clinic and they put her on TRT. I refuse to go to these places I don't trust them at all and I've heard horror stories about them what would be the way I could do self TRT as a female? I’m 52 years old and my test levels are low.
  18. A

    TRT dosing properly

    My anti aging clinic put me on 300mg a week of testosterone But i feel like it is too high I'm getting itchy nipples and getting a lot of water retention they insist it's okay and that it will all pass I wanted to hear your opinions on if anyone out there has ever ran this much trt or not if...
  19. L

    275mg a week high for TRT?

    I went to an anti aging clinic and they put me on TRT without even checking my bloodwork lol. They put me on 275mg per week. Does this seem like a high amount or am I crazy? I admit I have no idea about this stuff but the doctor I am seeing seems like a moron to me
  20. J

    Trt consensus out there

    I am doing testosterone replacement therapy through a doctor in a few months. I'm shopping around and seeing who will take my insurance and who won't and how much it will be before I decide on who to pick my question is what is the current consensus of a prope TRT dose based on a 200 lb person...