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  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 36 - TRT and Primobolan with Geneza Pharma Underground 36 - TRT and Primobolan with Geneza Pharma
  2. C

    figuring out TRT as a man

    I’m a male who is in my late 30’s. How I’ve looked into getting trt but can’t quite figure out if I need it. Let me tell you a bit about my history I’ve used steroids off and on for the past 10 years started using them when I was 22 didn’t really know what I was doing. I haven’t felt quite the...
  3. Z

    currently on TRT and want to run tren

    I’m currently in my 30’s and I’m 5’10’’ and 210 pounds. Hitting a bit of a plateau I’m not able to increase my weight without increasing my body fat so I need some advice on using tren should I go with tren ace or tren E and how much would you recommend? What else stacks well with it? I don’t...
  4. JimAbs43

    Podcast 590 - I'm Young with Low Testosterone levels, TRT? 590 - I'm Young with Low Testosterone levels, TRT?
  5. man05

    TRT consultation suggestions

    Hi guys, I am currently cruising on a reduced dose of my doctor provided test prescription. Initial dose was 260 and I e been around that give or take 40-60mgs when I ran a Deca and primo cutter. After some consultation with an expert member on this forum and some research I e decided I don’t...
  6. T

    Anavar and restricting my diet

    I’m gonna go ahead and use anavar on my next cycle its gonna be a trt + oral cycle currently on 125mgs a week of trt and then want to add anavar to the mix was thinking about 100mgs a day of the var. do I split up the dosage 50 milligrams twice a day? And how long should I do the var? 8 weeks...
  7. Z

    low dose deca added to trt?

    I’m 52 years old and 270 pounds and six foot four I’m looking for help when it comes to joints I’m on 250 milligrams of testosterone for my trt through a doctor they also put me on anavar as well I’m experiencing some joint issues and I would like to know if I should talk to my doctor about...
  8. S

    on TRT already, want to add in some masteron

    I’m doing a TRT blend using sustanon 250 have been on this for the past 6 months and will continue for another 18 months then Re-evaluate my plan in the meantime I would love to add masteron to this to give me additional libido + hardening effects without adding side effects which masteron...
  9. H

    using mk677 along with TRT

    so my anti aging clinic has me on TRT at 200mgs a week they also offer mk677 the guy there Is pushing me to get on it and says I would benefit a lot with appetite and sleep he wants me to run it for 14 months straight do you think I would benefit from it if I’m looking for anti-aging Properties...
  10. J

    weekly HCG dose for trt people?

    I’m looking for advice on using hcg while on TRT my anti aging doctor wants me to go on it but he said he would let me pick a proper dose based on what I was looking to do to put it plainly he said that every six months I would do hcg for 8 weeks to activate my nuts I’m 41 years old and looking...
  11. R

    TRT + steroid use

    gonna be doing some TRT with my steroids next cycle looking at hitting several different options for one is the option of stacking in masteron for hardening. The other is using primo for cutting down 500mgs of each is what I want to use how would you run them? I’m 38 5’6’’ 154 pounds
  12. U

    Tren/Libido/PCT/TRT ADVICE???

    Ok gents. First post. Could use some insight from anyone more knowledgeable than me, which is probably many of you! I am 43 and have been on legit TRT since 37. I did Tren E for several cycles back to back with a month or so off in between for about two years, most recently ending in January...
  13. N

    how to add steroids to trt

    Fifty years old. Six foot one inches. 180 pounds. Excited to try steroids along with my trt. My doctor has me on 125 milligrams a week after starting me off at 175. That seems to be my sweet spot. If my goals are lean, muscle mass in mild side effects, what should I add to it? Do you think...
  14. J

    What do I need on trt?

    I’m looking for the best Supplement stack that I can do while I’m on trt. I’m doing 150 mg a week of testosterone and my doctor also has me on human growth hormone 1.5 IU’s per day. I said, if I’m not happy with the results, we can always raise it higher. But I want to keep things where there...
  15. S

    How to add primo into my trt

    I was reading about doctors in europe prescribing different steroids for trt, especially how some are using primobolan for HIV. thought that was cool. Do you think if i were to add in primo to trt it would require me to reduce my testosterone dosage? Or would i keep my trt dose at 125mgs a week...
  16. V

    Best supplements for trt

    I'm so excited I just started testosterone replacement therapy and I'm 55 years old and it has made a world of difference so far even my wife is excited lol what are going to be the best supplements for testosterone replacement therapy to get the most out of it? also should I be taking any type...
  17. G

    Getting the perfect hgh dose

    I’m looking to get the perfect hgh dose next cycle to go along with my TRT I’m 48 years old 6’1’’ and 180 pounds Looking to stay lean 15% or less My current trt is 200mgs a week from my doctor My hgh he wants to put me on is 2-4iu’s. He said it was up to me depending on my goals He said if my...
  18. J

    Cruising adding trt

    I’m looking to do masteron and want to cruise on it by adding to trt A friend of mine did 50mgs of test and 50mgs of masteron and said it did help with libido with no sides Do you think I could do something like that where I would drop my testosterone dose and replace it with masteron? If so...
  19. W

    Is it okay to use steroids with TRT?

    52 years old 6’1’’ 180 pounds 14% body fat I'm already taking supplements with my testosterone replacement therapy. I'm using creatine and I'm using tonkat ali but would it be okay to add in additional steroids as well? I would like to bulk up to 200 plus pounds someone told me to just add more...
  20. F

    TRT help 45 years old

    I've been working with an anti-aging clinic and they put me on a cocktail that is supposed to be really good for keeping me looking and feeling young They have me on sustanon every 8 days 250mgs CJC1295 200mcg EOD 30mgs DHEA They also want me to get on hcg and possibly an AI but I'm not sure...
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