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    you love tren, then hate tren

    Does anyone else have a love and hate relationship with trenbolone? When I first go on it I am in love with it and I can’t get enough of it it’s almost like when you first meet someone in your dating them. But the more I stay on it the more I start hating it it makes me thirsty all the time and...
  2. H

    Tren and test low doses

    5’11’’ 27 years old 2nd cycle trying to get more size and strength but keep sides moderate. I train hard, 5-6x per week and want to start seeing more results soon. looking to use low doses of tren and testosterone. 250mgs of tren + 200mgs of test is what I was looking at so far. Do you recommend...
  3. M

    already on test and masteron. Should I do Tren base?

    Looking for some advice on using tren base as a pre workout while already on a testosterone and masteron cycle. Currently 202, 5’11’’ trying to get harder and bigger. 37 years old. My plan is continuing 300 milligrams of each and then adding in some tren base 50mgs around 30 minutes pre...
  4. T

    deca, tren, and test stack

    I’m looking to do a very aggressive stack and combine deca, tren, and testosterone. 32 years old, been using steroids for five years and have done at least two cycles per year. Up to 205 and 5’6’’ with low body fat. Competing is an option in the future but main goals now are size and strength...
  5. Z

    puritysourcelabs is the best

    PSL Products are very high quality. I always have confidence when I order from them that what I order is going to be what they send me. In this case i ran a pretty solid stack of tren, tbol and test Prop. Everything was smooth with the injections and I was able to see results pretty quickly on...
  6. G

    how to use TREN for size

    I’m not looking to cut down on tren, rather I want to use it to grow some size my stats are 5’6’’ 185 pounds and around 12-13% body fat. I want to Eclipse 200 pounds and get stronger while also staying lean that is why I want to use tren. I’m 27 years old. How much tren do I need to run and...
  7. L

    tren + anavar cycle

    hey you bastards out there, I’m in my mid 30’s, 5’10’’ 183 pounds and around 12-14% body fat goal is recomping, much prefer to cut fat and build lean muscle mass then just get big and bulky I’m looking to do trenbolone for the first time. I wanted to stack it with some anavar which I have used...
  8. R

    want to stack both primo and masteron with tren

    I’m looking to get some nice vascularity and benefits from using tren, primo and masteron the dosing I am planning looks like this and please be honest what you thinking trenbolone Enanthate 250mgs/week 8 weeks primo E 400mgs a week 10 weeks masteron E 250mgs per week (increasing to 500mgs after...
  9. M

    tren steroid side effects :(

    how do you deal with steroid side effects? I’m doing tren right now. I started out with 350mgs a week which was an average dose I read first time using it. I’m 33 years old and 15% BODY FAT dealing with really bad insomnia on it. And my heart rate seems to speed up out of nowhere hoping I can...
  10. N

    how to cut down using tren

    I’m excited to try trenbolone for the first time wondering if you can give me some instructions based on what I put together already my stats first: I’m 28 years old 5’8’’ 170 pounds, lean 12% body fat looking to use tren ace and do 200mgs a week. Is that good enough or should I do 300 or more...
  11. D

    napsgear has high quality winstrol and tren combo

    decided to go with napsgear winstrol and tren together heard a lot of good things about this combination the tren dose was 250mgs a week and the winstrol dose is 25mgs a day side effects aren’t that bad at all I’m getting more vascular and more lean every day and I love flexing in front of the...
  12. M

    positive tren experiences

    I’m looking to hear some positive tren experiences seems like every time someone posts a thread wanting to use tren some guys chime in and tell them 3 reasons why they shouldn’t. Is tren that bad lol? Seems like every pro uses it. I really believe I have hit a plateau and I’m ready to use it...
  13. X

    para pharma brand test and tren A++

    just wanted to leave a review on para pharma products I used their testosterone and trenbolone first off the shipping and arrival was earlier then expected. I got it over the thanksgiving holiday the next day which was a pleasant surprise also the cycle has been about 5 weeks so far. I’m up...
  14. C

    using tren E vs. Tren hex

    I’m tempted to go with tren E or tren hex this time first time with tren used tren ace and had good results help me decide which one is better. I see a lot of sources are now carrying tren hex my dosing is gonna be from 300-500mgs a week. I want to be more aggressive this time and hit some new...
  15. B

    how about TRT + tren?

    Wanted to do a simple cycle using TRT + some trenbolone on top of it my TRT dose is 150mgs a week of test E. then I plan on blasting tren E for 12 weeks before dropping back to TRT levels again 2 questions: 1. will my doctor know what I’m doing and what are the red flags he would be looking for...
  16. D

    ideas for a non-tren recomp stack?

    I’m looking to use a non tren related recomp stack. Just not a fan of what I’ve seen from people who have used tren. Seems like good chance of ending up with horrible sides and its a relationship killer my choices are Test + Primo+ NPP + HGH or something like DHB+ Primo+ Anavar + test/AI I’m in...
  17. C

    Blasting and cruising in my mid 30’s

    Just not seeing the kind of results I was hoping for and recoveries have not gone well for me when it comes to cycle and pct just want to cut to the chase and stay on for a year my initial plan is: cruise 250mgs test per week 12 weeks blast 500mgs test per week + Tren 500mgs per week + 1000mgs...
  18. P

    anavar and tren from domestic supply

    I got on anavar and tren from domestic supply bordering was very easy shipping took a matter of days they have excellent customer service and making payment was also very easy I got on the cycle and it’s been 6 weeks so far I have gained about 10 pounds and my waist has actually gotten smaller...
  19. B

    using tren and test and blood pressure is high

    I’m doing tren 50mgs EOD and test at 500mgs a week.. doing cypionate with the test so pinning it twice a week only anyway my blood pressure clocked in at 155 over 112 I’m also having issues with my breathing another issue is insomnia I’m 27 years old and getting worried not a big guy either. I’m...
  20. L

    Best alternative to tren

    I used tren on my last cycle and it gave me a load of gastro and kidney damage. Obviously I’m cruising now to recover and I won’t use tren again, But what is the best alternative?
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