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  1. J

    Cruising dosage on tren

    I read some older posts on forums about guys who cruise on trenbolone between cycles They called it a bridge or similar to trt. One guy even said he ran tren for a year for his HRT. i believe it was an older member who advocated doing that What is your best tips when it comes to doing this? I’m...
  2. P

    best tren option for bodybuilder

    I am striving to become the next best thing I want to succeed in bodybuilding and also with my social media pages part of that is putting up some really nice pictures that is why I want to use trenbolone I’m 25 years old 5’9’’ and 166 pounds my body fat is 15% I think I have the potential to...
  3. NoleftnutLOL

    New to Tren - Can I get some help?

    I am 6'1" 175lbs and i would safely say around 18-20%BF. I previously had testicular cancer which led to me losing 25ish LBS of muscle mass. I have done previous cycles with EQ/HGH/TEST/SUS and some others I can't think of at the moment. I am just looking to dose and use what I have here to get...
  4. C

    Tren and anavar, how much test?

    I’m gonna try trenbolone this time with anavar oxandrolone My plan is 200mgs of tren and 40mgs of var how much testosterone do you recommend that I use in this cycle My goals are more lean gains, i don’t want bloat I’m 5’11’’ and 208 pounds and 13% body fat, 30 years old
  5. D

    Secrets to tren cycles?

    What are some tips for my first trenbolone cycle? I’m gonna be ordering soon. Should i use E or ace? Short or long ester? Should is tack test with it or something else? My goals are recomp I’m 8% body fat, want to get to 7 or less. 175 pounds and 5’10’’ and 32
  6. T

    Can i add anavar to tren?

    I am doing a trenbolone cycle. 300mgs a week Running 90mgs a week testosterone with it Can i add anavar to finish this cycle or should i avoid that? I’m 5’9’’ 180 pounds and 16% body fat. 25 years old
  7. V

    Higher dosage this time

    I’m gonna be more aggressive with my next steroid cycle Why not right? 25 years old 6’1’’ 180 pounds approximately 12% body fat My plan is trenbolone 50mgs per day. Tren ace* And i want to do test propionate with it. How much test should i do?
  8. Y

    Geneza pharma tren safe?

    I was reading online that Trenbolone can be a very dangerous steroid Can you give me some answers if geneza pharma sells good quality tren I read that a lot of tren out there is very dirty and can give problems
  9. X

    finishing up my tren cycle

    I am finishing up my current trenbolone cycle now I did 200mgs of tren with masteron 500mgs good stack, got some good hardness my question is my next cycle what should I run? I’m currently 5’11’’ 165 pounds and 8% body fat 24 years old
  10. M

    best tren to use

    I’m looking to run a 10 week cycle I want to include some testosterone. Currently already on trt doing 150mgs a week which tren is better for me? Tren E or tren ace? I’m 5’9’’ 188 pounds and 17% body fat .. 39 years old
  11. H

    Geneza pharma tren stack

    check out this tren stack and tell me if it's a good one Trenbolone acetate 50mgs EOD Masteron propionate 50mgs EOD Anavar 50mgs a day I’m about to place the order tell me if you would do it another way
  12. K

    domestic supply tren is spot on

    I ordered some of their steroids and they look extremely professional and it's very high quality. great shipping and service. it's smooth to order, nice site and easy to use. delivery was fast got me my pack in days. i ordered tren and testosterone. results are good very clean gear, i can tell...
  13. U

    domestic supply review A+

    ordered my products and they delivered it in about 9 days. Had to check in to see what my tracking # is. Otherwise went smooth. loving the products so far. packaging was amazing well packaged in priority box. ordered tren, test Cyp, aromasin, letro and i am halfway through cycle and changes...
  14. S

    very strong gear from napsgear

    napsgear is a quality source for sure, putting up this review to let others know that you don’t have to use a lot of this stuff for results. prices are very fair. ordering from them is always top notch pros. packaging was excellent happy no breaks got here. i have ordered winstrol, tbol, and...
  15. I

    will use geneza again

    They have outstanding products my friend let me use some of his and I decided to order from them directly this time. outstanding and great products. communication is smooth kept me up today about my order. packaging was very good. i ordered test and tren E and results are so far so good, up 8...
  16. H

    used geneza the past 3 years

    Everything is always on point. I took a break from the gym and came back and the first thing I did was run their products. I felt good within a few days on their steroids.. this is some great gear great email communication they use regular post office i got sustanon, tren, and equipoise...
  17. Y

    geneza very nice testosterone cycle

    got my bloodwork done after week 6 in my number's came in solid. also the tren on that I'm using is extremely potent and I'm having some personal records achieved very professional company and communication is quick and precise products was sealed perfectly ordered tren and test results are...
  18. I

    napsgear - always there to help

    i started using their gear on my last cycle, tried a couple products only so far but they have been perfect Communication & Ordering process was greatest experience i’ve had yet Delivery & Packaging was very fast and re-sent 1 vial that was broken by the post office I Ordered test E and tren...
  19. A

    Getting gut issues on tren?

    I haven’t ever had many gut issues from using trenbolone so i was curious if you could give me some guidance here I’m 44 years old This is my 2nd time using trenbolone. I am doing 400mg a week I am also using some test with it I’m having issues with heartburn and stomach discomfort...
  20. W

    Tri-tren from napsgear

    I am interested in getting tri-tren. Which is the best brand to use on there and has anyone on here ever tried it before? It is a mix of acetate, hex, and enanthate. That is obvious, but did you notice a lot of sides and results on it or was it like regular trenbolone?