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sex drive

  1. U

    Tren/Libido/PCT/TRT ADVICE???

    Ok gents. First post. Could use some insight from anyone more knowledgeable than me, which is probably many of you! I am 43 and have been on legit TRT since 37. I did Tren E for several cycles back to back with a month or so off in between for about two years, most recently ending in January...
  2. R

    Sex drive is poor

    Ever since I had a bad breakup my sex drive has been very poor I'm trying to improve it but it seems to be a lot of physiological stuff going on which supplements can get me on the road to boosting my sex drive to where it was when I was a teenager
  3. K

    Best steroids for sex drive

    what are the best steroids to use for my sex drive I’m currently 5’10’’ and 180 pounds My sex drive has been lower after 50. I'm currently 51 years old I do a lot of running and I spent a couple times a week in the gym. I am already doing the whole trt thing and my sex drive hasn’t...
  4. A

    Using proviron solo for sex drive

    Over the past year my libido and sex drive and erections have plummeted. I'm not sure what is going on but it's hard to get hard before sex and it takes me awhile to get in the mood. I wanted your honest opinion about using proviron just for sex health. Has anyone tried this and what do you...
  5. E

    Sex drive on cycle as a female

    what has been your experience has on steroid cycles as a female. Seems like on cycle I can climax easier but when I'm off my orgasms are more intense . why do you think that this happens and does the same thing happened with men as well. My husband seems to also fluctuate his sex drive on and...
  6. R

    GW-501516 from sarms1 Making me Lethargic, LGD-4033 tanked sex drive

    This is my first cycle of sarms and I was super excited, still am but I've been having some drawbacks. Started out with LGD-4033 10mg ed then lowered to half the dose at 5mg due to bad mood and complete loss in sex drive, which btw was very driving beforehand:horny:. Dropping it to 5mg per day...
  7. SPFROG241

    Anavar & Winstrol effects on libido

    Reading so much about this stuff my head is about to explode. I'm thinking of running either Var or Win @ 50mgs 6 week, solo without any test. Question is... LIBIDO!!! I read it drops with both. I'll be taking the HCGenerate ES from NTBM while on cycle and HCGenerate with post. I have a...
  8. B

    Post Cycle Issues

    For my cycle I ran Test E and Mast E for 11 weeks around 600mg a week. For my pct I started 1 week after last pin Clomid 75/75/50/50 and Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 and DAA. Post cycle was going great after 1 month I stopped the nolvadex and clomid and am still running the daa. About 1-2 weeks later...
  9. S

    proviron and sex drive

    hi people im from jordan 25 year old and new here this my first thread. i have questions about proviron , im not budy building person i just have problem with libido and erection, i went to the doctor and he told me to take proviron 25mg 4 tablets a day 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening...
  10. W

    Blood Work

    Anyone know anything about blood work. I've done a few cycles in the past. some with PCT and some without. I'm prone shutting down hard. Last cycle was cyp 500 a week and then three weeks clomid and nova couple weeks after last shot. That was six months ago. I just got bloodwork done and my...
  11. D

    Confusion! (Clomid sides or Deca Dick?) Help and advice appreciated

    Ok so this is kind of an extension of an older thread of mine, but it is a new situation and a new question so I figured I'd post it as a new thread. Hope this is ok. Anyway 3.5 months post deca 200 and sust 250 cycle my doctor started me on 50mg of clomid EOD. Before the clomid I was able to...
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