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The Women's Fitness Forum personal record thread

Sad to see that this thread isn't very active :( But what the hell... I'll toss some in anyway...

345 squat
315 deadlift
185 bench
My shrugs have always been my biggest though at 485...
Anybody alive out there?
Good morning to you..Ok was on another thread/ post etc..i am new here since last week.. I would love some guidance..I have been on Osta since last week, currently i am taking with that anavar..I have finished my T3 and wanted to change it up....i just bought blend with Osta..I am still all new to this..the body does get use to the product and then u go in plateau i think..I know that with skin care..I am not a spring chicken and a mum of 2 boys..14twins..i want to get as close to competing but do not want to..I want to get sculpted, toned etc..I came from an emotional abuse relationship..i am too fat..i need to eat less, you dont turn me on..etc..not fun..
I am 5'3 ish and weighing 123ish..i do workout and trying to be discipline in eating which i k its key..ill show u pics of me now and what i would love to achieve..

thank you for taking your time to read my post.
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