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The Women's Fitness Forum personal record thread


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Ladies we need a thread where we can brag about our most recent fitness related personal record. Years ago we had something like this, and it was really nice to have sort of a PR shout box.

Any milestone that marks your personal best needs to be bragged upon right here. Just achieved a lean body weight you've been working towards for ages, or hit a record low bf level, made a record lift, managed to stay on a super clean diet for x months, whatever.

If it marks a really important PR, it goes here! :garza:
Great idea and love the it was more then just a PR for weights as I haven't had many of those of late. I did however start lifting in the A.M. and I got to say I love it my lifting now takes about 30-40 minutes vs at night be 40-60 cause all the people in my way. I am also sweating a lot more in A.M. as I can move at a faster pace so by the time I get done my cardio I am pretty much drenched!
I love morning sessions. It is always social hour in the evenings and you can't get a barbell for anything.

Great thread! It will be a bit for me before you'll see any bragging. I'm low on calories and have scaled back my training as such. But I CAN"T wait to get back to the iron.

I am at 14% bodyfat which is a record for me personally. 5% core bodyfat. I never imagined I would be that low. However, I will also say I thought 14% would look a lot different (LOL).

Super - how low do you get for your comps? How is your progress coming along?
I love to lift in the morning. I'm at the gym at 6am, full of energy. When I leave the gym I'm pumped and ready to conquer the world.

Personal record?
I'm highly disciplined and have gotten better through the years. Now, I can go on a 100% clean diet for 6 months with 2 or 3 slips average. Body fat, I'm 8% would like to go lower, but quite frankly, I may not like the way it look.
I feel I have gained 1 or 2% of B-fat in the past week and so I'm not that happy now. I need to stop being careless. I learned on this comp that when things go too smoothly, we tend to make mistakes and take things for granted. It's good to struggle a bit.
I can lift in the morning provided i downed my oatmeal and whey after waking up. Otherwise i'm worthless.

Thandie: when you are 8%, are you evenly 8% all over or are you, say, 6% in your core, 10% in your legs?
I need to stop being careless. I learned on this comp that when things go too smoothly, we tend to make mistakes and take things for granted. It's good to struggle a bit.

OMG I agree this prep things are not moving like the did last prep part is my own fault my focus is not near what it was last go around. I am missing meals way more then I should and my cardio disipline is not consistant either. If I am not ready to show in June then I am not ready there is always contest later in the year but I will just have to requalify for Ontario's next year.
I'm also an early morning lifter(5am) and "must" eat my protein pancake to have a worthwhile workout. Otherwise I might as well stay home because I'd get sick.
I was at the gym yesterday morning and the club manager asked me if I ever thought about figure competition. She said if I'd do it, she would do it with me. Hmmmmm now that has me thinking:biggrin:
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