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  • misread it girly...and I mistyped it...I meant to say four of my future ex husbands
    Here's what REALLY sucks. I had a long post composed for the Women's Forum and my STUPID @#$%^&*# POS Fucking computer locked up on me.

    I really need to explore this whole cortisol/menstrual cycle thing. Jesus I'd kill for a doctor that I could talk to and would listen to me and respect my observations, and then could run tests and use me as a guinea pig. I'm EXTREMELY in tune with my body, I know shit ain't working the way it should but I think trying to balance the endocrine system, especially when it comes to women, is more like trying to create delicate glass sculptures while balancing plates on a stick as opposed to making numbers tally on a spreadsheet.

    Hormonal interconnected balance is NOT one size fits all, and requires both empiric and patient observation. It's as much about how you look/feel as what your numbers reflect.
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