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Approved Log Slyder 2024 cut cycle

nice updates man
only thing I would like to see more is some pictures maybe of your meals
happy to see things are great with your daughter
hoping to see some more meal pictures
Trying to get diet just right. Of course life stuff is fighting me.
My daughter just graduated college and mother’s day. So lots of eating out and celebrating.
Doing my best to make good decisions on food. Even fasting some mornings cause I know dinner plans will kill me.
All in all so far so good. I am feeling great. Just busy . I am finding ways to get in my daily workouts at different times.
Today is Sunday. I am trying to dedicate Sundays as leg day. Rest of the week I will rotate. Probably a split of.
Chest and triceps
Back and biceps.

We shall see. Sometimes I like to do arms on their own day
I have tried to fast till lunch.
Props to those that fast. My does two 36 hour fast per week.
By about 10 am I am ready to eat a small child. I am trying drink lots of water and electrolytes to keep me full feeling. Getting in my cardio going to the rest room a bunch.
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