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Approved Log Slyder 2024 cut cycle

Been out of town for several days moving a family member to another state.
Lots of cardio and stairs. But not the best of food, made the best choice that I had in front of me.

Back in town and hit chest this eve. Overall about 2 hours. Only 90 degree in gym.
15 minute warm up.
Then cable machine 4 sets each head of triceps.

1. 3 sets of 15 push up on half boso ball.
2. Dumbell flat bench 4 sets. 50lb x15,
60lbx12, 70lb x9, 80 lb x5 then 50lb x20
3. Flat bench neutral grip machine 5 sets 90lbs x20 , 180lbs x 12 twice, 230lb x12, 250lbs x10
4. Incline machine neutral grip 4 set 90lb x 20, 140x 16, 180x 12, 200x 10.- then drop set 5,8,10, max
5. Cable machine shoulder height 4 set 15
30,40,50,60 lbs
6. Cable machine buckets (low) 4 sets 15
7 . Land mine chest press.hands together.
4 sets 15 50 lbs
8. Chest press machine 4 sets max each 70 lbs. burned out

30minutes ab work
@Slyderkt good to see you back man :) finally pushing it again
good chest day but you gotta add some volume
15 minute warm up
1. Standing side delt machine 4x20 10lb, 15lb, 20lb 22.5 lb. Then drop set reversed reps 6, 10, 15,20
2. Cable machine bent over side raise 20 lbs 4x15
3. Front delt rais dumbell. 4x15 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs
4 . 4 ways= side raise pull around to front then reverse. 4x12 10 lbs
Superset with palms facing forward. Big circle from thighs to over head 4x12 10 lbs
( these with light weight will humble you)
5. Over head press machine 4x12 45 plate each side, 55, 57.5, 60 lbs. then drop set 6,8,10,12. Left shoulder fatigued half way last set and died.
6. Switched to arms preacher curl 4x12 40lbs,40 lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs
Super set 4x20 kick backs
7. Skull crusher4x20 60 lbs I think
8. Alternating dumbell curl 4x12 25lbs, 30, 30,35lbs
9. Crossbody curl,,4x20 25-30lb dumbell
10. Over hard cable tricep extension4x20
11. Hammer curls 4x12. 30,35, 40, 40lbs
careful so no shoulder injury i would go a bit lower weights
definitely don't push the shoulders too much it's not something that reacts well to high volume
definitely smart to do a warm-up
good work you're keeping things fun and exciting
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