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severe acid reflux (gerd) put me in the ER

don't give up on your journey
gotta take probiotics digestive enzymes bone broth tudca
Tren is nasty on the gut man. When I run it, it destroys my appetite and I do get some heartburn as well. Nothing like what you are describing but still heartburn.
I am currently on 40 mg of prescribed Protinix daily, about a year ago I had to go to the ER coughing and throwing up alot of blood, I have had acid reflux for years mainly from a gainers diet, I tried Prilosec for a long time but I have to have discipline with my diet now , no spicy food no eating 2 hours before bed time. they went down my throat with a camera twice found nothing. I don't think it's the riods cousing your problems with your GI, but the high blood pressure can cause a heart attack! no matter what you need to fix your diet. hope this helps and good luck
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