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Approved Log RoidRage69 Cutting Log

glad to see that you're pleased with your progress
you definitely look bigger and leaner from a year ago
I figured I gained a little. I figure 15 lbs muscle and 5 lbs fat gained. IDK. My eyes are old so I am not sure. LOL. Its just a guess. I do know that my legs look leaner and they are bigger. My chest delts and arms are definitely bigger. Ive gained almost 2/3 inch on my arms and about an inch on my legs. My waste is a tiny bit bigger. One notch on my weight belt the last I used it but that was when I was over 270 a couple months ago so its possible I lost fat since. I mean right now I am a solid 20 lbs heavier than when I started this cycle and the cycle has been over for 4 weeks. I also stopped HGH over a week ago. My strength is also way up from where it was at the beginning of this cycle.
@RoidRage69 I think it's clear you are up muscle mass and down bodyfat, overall big progress :)
loving yourself is the biggest challenge
a lot of bodybuilders hate themselves
Bros being strong so much of an advantage
Nobody messes with you it's true
The greatest advantage is the amount of tonnage I can move per workout will lead to incredible muscle mass gains over time. If you want to be a mass monster you have to move the tonnage.
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