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push, pull, legs routine outline


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been getting swamped with PM's from guys asking about this so thought I would put up a thread outlining basic strategies from implementing this routine. if anyone wants to add or subtract from it please post up more ideas if you found a way to improve on it that you like.. or if you have questions please post up, lets get a good discussion going;;;;

this routine is simple and great for bodybuilding and covers all muscles if done correctly.

basically you dedicate an entire session to push, pull, then legs. its good to go in that order for me cause i like to be more fresh for my push days, or you can mix it up the way you want. so for example MON- push TUES- pull WED -legs. i like to rest when i am physically drained (not mentally).. i might rest between my push and pull days.. or i might rest after my leg day. really listen to your body. when on cycle recovery is quicker so i have been known to take no rest days.. but generally i rest 1 day a week.

warmup of course, then a good rule of thumb is start your day with compound lifts .. so on push days start out with bench press/incline press/decline press etc. then you can branch off into isolation exercises. pull days you start out with rows or pullups.. then isolation... leg days start out with deads or squats, then again go to isolation. (there is no set rule to the amount of compound lifts to do but its a good idea to go for 5-8 sets minimum of those before going into isolation) compound lifts are the foundation to a great workout. and i like to go heavy on them but not so heavy that my form is shitty and i can only eek out a couple reps.

15 total sets each day so really its a 50 minute session rougly. i like to go to failure on each set and go all out. you can go 18 sets if you wish as well depending on how you feel.

you should strive to workout 5-6X per week if you are experienced, which would generally mean you are working the same muscle groups every 4 days or so. for me i strive to go 6X per week.

i like to put in my shrugs on pulling days since to me its a pulling motion. and i like to do isolation abs mostly on pull days as well since pullups do work them so it would be good re-inforcement, or you can do them on leg days since squats work abs as well.

again the above is a blueprint, you should mold your workouts to best serve you.. as you gain experience you should tweak things around... also its a good idea to mix up your isolation work, keep the muscles and mind guessing... your gym has a lot of machines so don't keep using the same ones over and over. try and do something different, but keep your compound lifts consistent and keep pushing yourself. the good thing about this routine is you can cover all muscle groups and it allows you time in between workouts to rest and work on other muscle groups while the muscles you wrecked are resting.
Nice job on this steve. I know a lot of the bros on here do have questions about your kind of workout. So guyz this is for YOU! Take advantage of this as much as you all can, stever is a gr8 bro and will do his best to answer all your questions and respond to all your comments.
excellent post man, same routine i do when off cycle, push, pull, legs, rest day, repeat. i start off with my main lift, usually a good heavy 5x5 for strength, then branch out into isolation work like you said. for all the isolations i just higher the reps. strength and size in the same workout and its been working great for me. one thing id like to add is traps are good on any day really, i usually do them after squats.
This is a great post man. I have been hearing a lot of buzz around the bb world about this type of workout. Great job on it
I also really like this program because for me, I am only able to hit the weights 3x's a week because of my other training. I utilize this program and modify it with grappling style lifts to get the most strength and explosion benefit. WIth only training 3 days a week, it gives me lots of time to recover. I try to use 5x5 on the bigger lifts, and then more volume training on the smaller stuff. The other days of the week are circuit training and plyometrics. Following the push, pull and legs/heavy lifts program has allowed me to build alot of strength while still maintaining energy to train jiu jitsu/wrestling/grappling 5x's a week.
I hear the word 'overtaining' used a lot with guys.

the way you know you are overtraining is the body giving you signals. one example is tendonitis in your joints. you should back off when you see this, you are over doing it. another could be unusual soreness in certain muscles. learn to listen to your body and back off when needed, otherwise you should kill it every workout.
Yo Steve.

I'm an old-member and have used this routine many times in the past and am currently on it. I find it to be the best routine to "get you back to normal." Coming back from a layoff/injury/sickenss/etc this is the best. You can start low sets/reps and ramp up for however many weeks you want to. Go from here to a focused 5x5 or something weight-based.

Now you're strong and focused. Never a bad thing.
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