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TPartin Saying Hello!

I'm a 5’8”, 156 lb, 38 year old male Texan rancher and fitness enthusiast and I'll be starting a workout log on Elite Fitness forum.

My routine will consist of a 3-day split where I'll be training my back and biceps on the first day, legs on the second, and shoulders, chest, and arms on the third.

Don't worry about me, I'll be resting between each session, so basically I'll be training thrice a week.

The main feature of my routine will be super-setting where I'll perform two exercises back-to-back then resting for 60 seconds before the next couple of exercises. This will also double as my cardio workout.

I'll also include some explosive exercises in my sessions to help build my speed, agility, and of course muscle mass.

Well, that's about it, oh, before I forget, I'll also include my diet plan in my log
Welcome aboard
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