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Post injection pain


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Hey y'all.

Got a question.

So this is my second cycle and I'm trying to figure out if this is a normal reaction. Taking test500 and deca400 once a week. I've got pretty big swelling through my right glute, plus pain hard, and little redness. Makes it almost impossible to sleep at night. I also kinda have a body ache which I didn't know if it was just a reaction to the chemicals. My first cycle I had similar symptoms but went away after a while and didn't come back. I pinned 3 days ago and it's still acting up. Should I go in an get it checked out or a day or two more to see what it does. It doesn't feel like infected, just like someone hit it with a sledge hammer.

That could be one of many issues..
Firstly, those concentrations are very high - which lab is producing these? You could almost assume they would be under dosed which my reflect the sterility of the product. Besides that, it sounds like your gear isn't completely sterile or it is missing a solvent to hold it in the depot site longer. If its red and inflamed, dont inject it again.
How many mls are you pinning at once.. there are quite high concentrations

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1.6 ml test 1.3 ml deca. There both 300 mg per ml. I have pinned on both sides with both gear an only had this reaction on my right glute. It's also my second week into it. My split dosage to two times a week in different locations. Thinking it was just to much at once
I would recommend splitting the doses. Something like Monday AM, Thursday PM. What length and gage pins are you using?
What gauge needle are you using???

I was using a 23 gauge and it went great for a few weeks until finally I just couldn't pin with it anymore. Hurt like hell. Don't know why. Ended up getting some 25 guage needles and now I'm good2go
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