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  1. Adel20

    Trusted brands ?!!

    Bros, What is the most trusted brand you getting your stuff nowadays? I didn’t use any since 8 years ago and I don’t have the updates which brands or companies are trusted today! now I’m about to go back on the track. If somebody knows a trusted source in Germany please share it asap Tall...
  2. R

    Primo/sust/bold cycle .. Low estrogen

    I am on Prim/Sust/Bold cycle and this my 7th week I have been taking Primo 100mg Sus 300mg Bold 300mg Loaded in 1 syringe . One shot a week. Lately I have been feeling very tired, dizziness, no appetite, lack of sex drive... No much gains etc.. So I went and did my estrogen test and the...
  3. J

    PCT for Deca Durabolin and Test Cypionate

    Im starting my cycle soon and want to know a good PCT for half a CC each of Deca Durabloin 300 mg and testosterone Cypionate 300 mg every two days. Im going to do a 8 week cycle. Im 22 years old, weigh 195 ilbs, and 5"7'. Wanna get The PCT before I start. thank you in advance.
  4. L

    Gyno & Nolva

    Hi Guys Been running 40mg anavar a day for 2 weeks now, after 3 days my nipples got really sore and sensitive - I'm very prone to gyno and have had it cut out before from puberty. Ive been running 40mg of nolvadex for a week now along with the var however the symptoms haven't subsided and still...
  5. K

    test e and anavar but what way is best

    Hi folks new on here, Was wondering what u guys think is a better cycle... Cycle 1 Week 1-10 = test e (500 mg per week) week 2-10= anavar (80 mg ed) Cycle 2 Week 1-10 = test e (500 mg per week) Week 1-4 = anavar (80 mg ed) Week 6-10 = anavar (80 mg ed) Both cycles I would run hcg 600iu per...
  6. H

    Post injection pain

    Hey y'all. Got a question. So this is my second cycle and I'm trying to figure out if this is a normal reaction. Taking test500 and deca400 once a week. I've got pretty big swelling through my right glute, plus pain hard, and little redness. Makes it almost impossible to sleep at night. I...
  7. K

    Need help please, first ProHormone ever taken.

    My friend has taken a couple of cycles of Trenavar and has had really good results from it. He then gave me a bottle to try. I know I should of done far more research and was stupid in starting it w/o more research done, but I did anyways. Didn't realize there was so much involved with it...
  8. tonyocchuizzo

    test cypionate problems

    Hey guys 5weeks ago I started taking 500ml of test cypionate a week with epidrol as a kickstart im 23 years old, 5'10 and weighed 170lbs at the beginning of my 12 week cycle and by the second week of the cyp and the last (4th) week of epi I weighed 190lbs. in the past week since the epi has been...
  9. I

    Test Enth Cycle I need advice

    I am looking to run my second cycle of test enth and wanted to hear some opinions on dosage and stack options. My first cycle was 10 weeks of 500mg of test enth and I used Dbol for the first 4 weeks as a kicker at 30mg a day. I also used adex at .25 a day and for a pct I used nolvadex. Now for...
  10. jahraffa

    Need advise first cycle

    Hey everyone I need some advice, im about to start my first 10wk cycle of sus 250 @250mg twice week, is that ok for first? my stats are: age 28, 5"11, 84kg, with 10-12% bf, Ive been training serious for 3 years on a five day split, and my diet good, I eat clean with one cheat day a week...
  11. J

    Stacking Winstrol

    I am about to start my first cycle of winstrol, and have been taking animal products for awhile now. Just wanted to see any suggestions as to what to take with winstrol that is a test boost, such as animal stak..? Any suggestions would be great!
  12. L

    new to this and could use some help from the pros

    Ok..I'm new to this type of world of using stuff to get me bigger...Ive been lifting weights for some time, and kinda want to try something different..I have two to three friends that use steroids and say they could get anything...but I rather try HGH because I heard its more clean with no side...
  13. fng831

    Any tips for my cycle???

    Alright im pretty new to the forum but ive probably read 150 threads already just doing research etc.. My stats: 24 years old, 170 lbs, 6 foot tall. I run every mon-fri morning (usually 3-8 miles) and do push ups, sit ups and things like that. I also go to the gym at least 4 times a week if...
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