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Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

I have some pretty big news coming up within the next week or so, I have a package arriving by this Friday. I will post the update when I have it in my hands.

Legs/Abs/Caves( Sunday)

Bit of a litter day on Sunday

Leg Extension

Seated Hamstring Curls

Hip Abductor

Seated Cav Press

Hanging Leg Raise

Ab crunch Machine

AB Torsion Machine

Slow steady Cardio
Speed 2.5
Duration 30 minutes
1.1 miles walked
140 calories burned.

Enjoy topps
nice job that is great dedication and patience
Hello, Nice training !
Without indiscretion (i'm very curious sorry ...) what is the packing ? Stuff for your cycle ? if yes i'm interested to know what lab and what protocol 🙏
It will definitely elevate my training, I don't want to give away to much, it will definitely be worth the wait. 😎
I love your test level bro ! and it's amazing if you have naturally 27 without AI of estradiol !!! (the max are at around 39/40)
Good transaminases too !

Remember, with good diet your feel more your test, and get better results on adequat training (not low and lot elevated)

I tried to have a number of test like your .... I used 250MG EP Sustanon and ... 1200 :/
Now i used Bayer Test E with 125Mg / week i hope get a number like your for all summer (if i have between 400 to 600 i'm happy lol)

What test do you take, how much and your blood work how much before the last pinning ?
I used to pin testosterone cypionate x2 a week at 130mg a week. For the last year or so my trt has been topical Administration with a compounded testosterone cream at a 5% concentration, I apply 75mg a day everyday as with the compound cream it contains no ester so it is in and out of your system at a much faster rate. My estrogen stays in a much better range on the cream and as far as sexual function I preform much better on the cream as with the cream it spikes your dht levels alot higher. Breaks down to 0.75g a day for the amount of the compounded cream I use and i am also on the lowest concentration which is 5%
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