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test cyp

  1. N

    equipoise and test cyp from domestic supply review

    Wanted to post up a review from domestic Supply based on my experience. I will be as honest as possible in this review. The cycle started kind of slow, I probably should have used the kickstart but wasn’t seeing much the first couple weeks. By week four things were really starting to kick in and...
  2. W

    geneza is spot on

    Did two orders with them and they were large orders. both times have fantastic customer service and my blood work showed that the products were legit. they are easy to do business with Delivery was very fast test cyp, masteron, test E are very strong results so far
  3. Z

    Test cyp cycle

    Gonna be doing my second cycle shortly. This cycle is gonna be 12 weeks, I’m going to have 600mg/week of test cyp and run .5 of arimidex every other day. Then run 40mg of clomid everyday for 4weeks for pct. Should I should edit my pct at all or that should like a good cycle? thanks for you input
  4. K

    cycle advice test cyp dbol anavar post gyno surgery

    hi I'm new to this site and was looking for some advice I had gyno surgery a few months back and am looking to run my first cycle post op. I haven't ran a cycle in 4 years. this is my cycle lay out Dbol- 25mg weeks 1-4 may up mg test cyp- 500mg weeks 1-12 shots mon-thurs anavar- 60mg weeks...
  5. F

    TRT + Low dose Tren?

    Had a few cycles under my belt years ago, a couple included tren way back in the day (2005ish) when you had to dissolve finaplix pellets. Fast forward to now, I'm 40, Dr has me on test cyp at 100mg/wk for TRT... Now keep in mind, my goals now are much different from back then. I train...
  6. C

    What Do you think about this cycle and the PCT

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can help me with Im 6’3 185ibs 25 years old not real bulky but lean muscle. I play golf so IM not trying to get real bulky but would like to gain more good lean muscle and keep more gains this time by doing the right PCT I also will be working out hard...
  7. R

    Test cyp + winny cycle/pct help

    Hey so I'm a little new on here but I've been reading on these things for a little while now. Just wanna say please don't tear my shit to shreds which I see happen on here from time to time...please constructive criticism only. So I'm looking to cut up a a nice bit but I wanna add strength and...
  8. B

    test cyp drug test question

    In the fall I began taking 200mg of test cyp every 2 weeks as prescribed by my doctor for low T levels. Problem is I am a cyclist and races start this spring. Drug test are getting more and more common it seems at USAC races. I plan to stop injections for a few months during the season. I know...
  9. S

    new cycle

    I'm an intermediate aas user and I want some feedback on my next cycle. I recently messed up real bad and ran Sustanon 250 mg tren ace 100 MG masternon 100 MG EOD with 100 MG of test suspension ED in between. This cycle really messed me up and I didn't run a pct with it which only made...
  10. M

    Kaballero Labs

    Just curious if anyone has ever heard or used these labs before. I bought their 400ml test cyp, 25mg nolva, and 25mg aromasin. As far as I'm concerned the test is bunk, not sure if I should even bother with the orals.
  11. P

    Advice on first ever cycle (Test C, Dbol)

    Hi guys, Long time lurker on the forums, and thought it was time to sign up and get some proper opinions from some veterans. I am looking at running my first ever cycle either later this year or early/mid next year (am in no rush). Stats: 23 yo, (90-93kg) 190-195lbs, 17% bf, (190cm) 6"1. I...
  12. R

    Test cyp ,tren ace ,and winstrol (orals)

    Hello everyone, I just started my cycle a week ago. Im doing 500mg of test cyp (mon and thursday) tren ace first 2 weeks gonna pin 75mg eod then up the dosage to 100mg eod. For 10 weeks. In case youre wondering why im starting with 75mg is because this is my first time in the tren world. My...
  13. L

    First time user...Test Cypionate questions

    Hey guys, First time user here, just got some test cyp. Few questions/concerns I hope you can help with. 1. How much should I be injecting on a weekly basis? I'm 160lbs at 5'9. I was told 1cc once a week for the first week or two, then 1cc twice a week there on out. I'm not trying to get...
  14. A

    some help and advice on Parabolan test cyp, primo cycle

    this is my first AAS cycle and I've been researching but still would love some advice , i know a lot will say tren is not for inexperienced users but i think a low dose will be fine , i don't want to put on serious mass i just want a good lean shape and definition with single digit bf with no...
  15. J

    Test C/Tren E/Dbol...Anavar? - Cycle Review

    Hello all, this will be my first time running Tren and I know the compound A is suggested by first time users, but I've first-hand witnessed the sides from people with low test/high tren and low tren/high test combinations and I understand what Tren entails; I'm beyond prepared to deal...
  16. M

    Please Help/Review Test Cyp/EQ +HCG during cycle

    Hello all, thanks for taking the time to help me out. I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy post I just thought it would be beneficial to everyone to explain. About me: This will be my second cycle and I intend for everything to be perfectly planned out before beginning this time, as...
  17. F

    second cycle help

    Alright, so I am about to purchase gear for my second cycle. First one was simple test c 500 mg a week for ten weeks. Got great results with almost no sides. I am thinking about throwing some tren ace in their this time around. Last time I rolled the dice like a punk and didn't use arimidex and...
  18. S

    17 Week Test Cyp Cycle

    Hey guys, looking for a little advice on how to finish my cycle. I'm 24, 6ft, 210lbs and eat 5000kcal p/d (455g protein,570g carbs & 89g fat). This is my 4th cycle. I am currently running a 12 week 400mg p/w Test Cyp only cycle. Now based on when I plan to start my next cycle (which will be a...
  19. Polish Hammer

    Test Cyp/ Tren Acetate/ Winstrol / Proviron Cycle, Please review

    Hello everyone! Brand new to this site, but not to the sauce ;) I would greatly appreciate your feedback and tips. Stats: 29 years old 6'2 238 14-16 % BF Cycle history:These were some of the first ones i did. 1) Sustanon 250 250/mg per week ( 1-8 weeks) nolvadex for pct 2) Sustanon 500...
  20. S

    1st Proper Cycle What You Think?

    8 WEEK CYCLE TEST Cypionate 6 WEEK CYCLE TREN Enanthate TEST Week 1 450mg // Monday 0.75ml / Wednesday 0.75ml / Friday 0.75ml Week 2 600mg // Monday 1ml / Wednesday 1ml / Friday 1ml Week 3 600mg // Monday 1ml / Wednesday 1ml / Friday 1ml Week 4 600mg // Monday 1ml / Wednesday 1ml / Friday 1ml...
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