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Deca, mastron test cyp

I like to run testosterone and deca similar dose
but everybody is going to be different that's why a log will be important
I recently started deca 300mgs a week last wensday I’m adding test cyp with next dose and mastron first cycle I do plan on pct after definitely not gonna cruise, any suggestions on how many mgs for test and should I up deca later in the cycle?
Nice stack
No need to run test high with deca. 200mg test would be plenty and you will keep the bloating down. Add in proviron to make sure your dick keeps working.
I’ve got the nor 19 what’s a good dht derivative and growth homon to add I was thinking anadrol and igf1 lr3 I got mastron and sustonon I was gonna do mast but a guy told me not to.
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