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  1. unl3

    Help!!! Dbol cycle 4 weeks ago..

    Hi guys, I started Dbol cycle 4 week-end ago. Im new into steroid usage.. Age: 40 Weight: 165lbs and 5'10 I take: - 25mg Dbol / day (12.5 in morning and 12.5 before training) - Arimidex (0.5mg from time to time maybe 2 time a week) - Protein shake 3x per day - pre-workout - Milk thistle 2x...
  2. Z

    A testosterone cycle critique

    Looking for some honest critiques of my next testosterone cycle. My plan is to go 12 weeks. Someone said though, that, that’s too long for my first cycle, but I’m not sure. My plan was doing a simple, 500 mg a week dosage of test cyp, and then adding in 1/2mg per day of arimidex pct will be...
  3. A

    Using Arimidex w/ Nolva

    Hey all! New here, but not to AAS. I have never had issues with Gyno in 20 years of using AAS. However, recent Tren and Finasteride use has given me a HUGE flare up in a matter of weeks and got a pretty good size lump on one size. I started Arimidex .5 EOD and 20mg of Tamoxifen ED. The goal...
  4. JimAbs43 482 Test blend, low LH, TB500 History, and Arimidex joint pain. 482 Test blend, low LH, TB500 History, and Arimidex joint pain.
  5. S

    Weird feeling in my balls

    I have been on my current steroid cycle the last month my balls feel like they are very heavy. Also when I go to the bathroom sometimes it hurts to pee and there's some weird stuff coming out like white blobs I'm using 150 mg of testosterone propionate every other day. And I'm also using...
  6. F

    Gynecomastia even with Arimidex

    I'm doing my first cycle of testosterone enanthate I'm dosing 250 mg twice a week for 500 mg total I all so did Diana bold dbol 30 mg for the first 4 weeks I've been using Arimidex half a milligram every other day I developed a lump on my right side but there is no itching or swelling...
  7. O

    First cycle options below

    28 years old 180 lb 5ft 10in 14% body fat five years train looking to do with 12 weeks cycle what do you think about this 500mg a week testosterone cypionate 800 mg of Masteron I have an option of using aromasin or Arimidex which one would you recommend and how much do I need in the cycle...
  8. R

    Napsgear ancillaries

    I already Know that napsgear has the best steroids around, but my question is are there are ancillaries also high quality or should I go somewhere else for them. I am specifically looking for Arimidex and or aromasin to use on cycle to help with estrogen. Also looking for Clomid and nolvadex
  9. N

    Body aches on cycle

    hello I went to a doctor an anti aging clinic and they put me on testosterone and human growth hormone. I went back and got blood work done and the doctor said I don't need any anti estrogen and should be okay. However a week later he called me and said that he took another look at it and said...
  10. P

    Test E and deca need advice

    29 years old 92 kg Cycles previously were trenbolone, testosterone, and masteron this time I want to try my hand at deca-durabolin I'm thinking about 400 mg a week of the DECA and 200 mg a week of a long Ester testosterone. I have Arimidex on hand and I plan on keeping my diet at around 3000...
  11. T

    Need help with gyno surgery

    I have some gynecomastia that was inflamed on my last testosterone cycle when I ran it at 500mg a week. I should have listened to people say not to run test that high but I was stubborn and listen to the wrong people. I got a quote for surgery and they said it's going to cost $4,200 which is out...
  12. A

    Balancing estrogen on cycle

    what are the tricks to balancing estrogen on cycle when you are new to steroids. I'm 5 foot 10 in, 240 lb, and 18% body fat. I'm running 500mg a week of testosterone cypionate, doing two injections a week along with a quarter mil mg of Arimidex every other day. do you think my estrogen might be...
  13. K

    How to run dbol with an AI

    Hey I'm going to run a dbol only cycle and I think I'm going to go with 20 to 30 mg a day depending on what you recommend. the dianabol/dbol is going to be 4 to 6 weeks total . my issue is the Arimidex is still in route and may take another week or two to get to me. I really want to try this...
  14. T

    how does this stack look?

    I’m trying to build lots of muscle on my frame. I am currently 5’10’’ and 155 pounds, about 15% body fat and 25 years old. Tired of being skinny. My plan was EQ boldenone cause I heard that makes you eat a lot. 600Mg a week along with testosterone cypionate. Gonna use adex arimidex on hand...
  15. H

    Questions about my second cycle?

    Im about to start a second cycle and i have so many questions I've been researching about for months now. I originally only did test-e 500mg a week with arimidex .5 mg EOD for my first. But it came with so much bloating. People were saying my face ballooned outta proportion. Now my second cycle...
  16. Z

    Test cyp cycle

    Gonna be doing my second cycle shortly. This cycle is gonna be 12 weeks, I’m going to have 600mg/week of test cyp and run .5 of arimidex every other day. Then run 40mg of clomid everyday for 4weeks for pct. Should I should edit my pct at all or that should like a good cycle? thanks for you input
  17. G

    First Tren Cycle Advice

    I'm looking to run my first Tren cycle and would like some advice on my gear. Here's what I'm planning: CYCLE: WK 1-8: 45MG TrenA ED (315MG weekly) WK 1-8: 25MG TestP ED (175MG weekly) WK 1-8: .25MG Cabergoline (Dostinex) 2x WK WK 1-8: .5MG Arimidex EOD (ONLY if needed) HCG: WK 1-6...
  18. T

    arimidex? during 16 wk cycle, >2000 mg AAS/wk. help required.

    hi, stats: 1.75m, 79 kg, <10%BF, age 39. will start below cycle for lean bulking by new year: week 1-4, 9-12: anapolan 50 mg. week 1-16: sustanon 750 mg week 1-16: primobolan 1000 mg. week 1-16: proviron 50 mg. week 1-16: nolvadex 20 mg. week 2-16: 200IU X 2 HCG. week 17-24: PCT protocole...
  19. D

    Need Help With Cycle Planning

    Okay, so i could really use some help for this one. I have to be able to lift through to A competition that is in April. I’m trynna bulk up then lean up for my final comp. I want to start before season begins for me which is January, so I figured December would be appropriate to frontload my...
  20. X

    I Need Help for My 3rd Cycle

    Hi I did change my mind about my 3rd cycle and now im planning 14 weeks to gain Lean Mass+Strength (but mostly for lean mass) cycle. And i d find a original sustanon and primo from my friend :) (he is a pharmacist) CURRENT STATS Last cycle was 2 years ago This will be my 3rd. cycle My body is...
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