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Approved Log My Testosterone Tbol Cycle Log

Today was shoulder day and it felt great. I don’t know if it was just in my head but something felt different. Cardio was easier than usual. The weights also felt easier than I expected. Today was the third day of tbol and I know it really isnt suppose to kick in that fast but idk today felt amazing.

Hammer strength shoulder press: 45x15 60x15 70x10 80x7
Barbell shrug: 135x15 185x15 225x10 225x10
Dumbbell lateral raise: 5 sets of 12 with 15 pounds
Face pull: 90x15 100x15 100x15 100x15
Reverse fly: 60x15 60x15 60x12 60x12

I honestly feel like I could go back to the gym right now! Like idk but damn I feel amazing. Again this might just be in my head or maybe the tbol is kicking in. When I did the shoulder press with 45 for 15 reps I felt like I could have probably cranked out another 10 but wasn’t sure how beneficial that would have been. Then I hit 60 pounds for 15 and again felt like I could have kept going. For 70 and 80 pounds I had zero issue getting the weight up for that first rep. Idk but I feel amazing.

I did 15 minutes of cardio to start then another 15 at the end. Tomorrow is leg day.
get your diet right and results will be killer. Got to go all in at the gym as well bro. Keep the log tight and we will guide you to success
Yeah I definitely went harder today. Felt incredible!


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