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Approved Log My Sustanon and Deca Durabolin Cycle Log

breakfast same

845 same

Lunch was egg sausage bacon and salsa with spinach

20 mg cardarine

Pre workout

65 min stairstepper 82 spm last 2 mins 120 spm

Weight 199

Cold shower

Protein shake

Dinner is going to be chicken thighs avocado broccoli and kefir

12.5 Aromasin today

I’m trying to set up an appointment for blood work next week.

Noticed HR significantly down compared to normal when doing stairstepper at a given level (usually it’s sustained at about 165+) today I couldn’t get it past like 158, not sure if it’s the Cardarine or what.

Was feeling like I have been getting poor sleep, should I add in some mk677 to help with sleep?

Thanks for all the advice I am going to try to get some psyllium powder as well.


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much respect lots of variety in your workouts
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